Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Airplanes being used as missiles

Edit June:22 - To the 4 people who look at this .... after more reflection on these dreams ... This is not bombs in airplane, but more to the economy and being attacked... as the ships (airplanes/ or something that was coming apart mid-air) was more shaped in a "Star Trek Enterprise" shadow that I though was planes coming in for landing. 

This might go computer airports ... and economy downturn that I have been picking up on lately.

I just have foreseen :infinity: ( had a dream) showing airplanes (anything moving towards US) when they are scheduled to land they blow up... So people have to duck ... At least 3 planes disintegrate over US soil.(same flight lane )

I had a previous dream yesterday ... I recall looking for bombs under these spears (must be airplane) .. That is why I was crawling on my knees... As these were symbols to check at post of take off from other airports ...

Note: It was a European castle... So I want to get back to the US ... And I made a left to look at post/ spears in yesterday's dream ...

Most likely cordinator with June 22 


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