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I like to point out this dream ...

by sb52853 » Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:25 pm 
I had several 10 dollar bills that I wanted to use and one of them had stamped in red on it "not legal tender"

by Gus Who » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:27 pm 
This most likely is about "Hamilton" and playing on... 

... as if you follow the spiritual news ... Hamilton stop and address the V.P. ... as this kind of   note 

Goes to "not legal trade" ... most likely goes to how most people feel about government

Monday, November 21, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Revised 666 bible code

After a dream I read... about a square Clock ...
I dreamed I saw a huge square clock. It wasn't the typical face with the numbers 1 through 12, but instead had the numbers 1-100. It was a square face and the second hand was moving.

I determined the 666 bible code date is November 6 ... by  Formulating that if circle (60) fit into a square clock that 'space time' around it is warped by time (called, SPACE TIME or X- time) as time fluctuations in and out as light... (Like a red and green  light signal ) colors travel at different speeds, called bands

As in a square clock the minute hand would move faster around in rotation /  cycle

as in 1 hour  in a round clock, 666 minutes would equal 1 day and 1 hour and 6 minutes

and therefore when it adds up to days.. and months in this warp time ... 666 days = 10 months and 1 month and 6 days ... or November 6 - 09:06:03 (UCT)

Edit: Nov. 7 (due to code main unwritten / written rules in the first 5)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another EQ ...

A good size earthquake is about to strike Oklahoma area and shut down a small area according to a dream ...

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not good to be seen on this side of Fracking Government

Email Dump Exposes Hillary’s Secret Love of Fracking

Clinton says she advocated drilling all over the world, but let political allies kill energy jobs at home

by Jim Stinson | 08 Oct 2016 at 1:23 PM
Fracking was invented by the U.S. government and Hillary Clinton loved the energy production process so much, she advocated it worldwide, according to leaked transcripts of speeches made to businessmen.
The disclosure comes after Wikileaks released emails hacked from John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign, on Friday....

Saturday, September 10, 2016

North Korea news...

Well another one goes off... If you trace back in this blog ... You could see some major concerns with North Korea ... Building...  and in the coming weeks/ month  ... This kind of news is going to going to push people to the brink of war... (As Trump and Hillary go at it...)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pawnee 5.6 earthquake

This was the precursor to the big one ... as I've been predicting...

As reports came in ...
People in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri; Chicago; Gilbert, Arizona; Fayetteville and Little Rock, Arkansas; Des Moines, Iowa; Memphis, Tennessee; and Big Lake in southwest Texas, all reported feeling the earthquake. Dallas TV station WFAA tweeted that the quake shook their studios, too.

So that is close to 1000 miles away that someone reported feeling this 5.6 earthquake....
So to compare this with earthquakes in the Bay Area ... it would be over 6.0 

Now depending on it's true depth ... 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

More funny business in Mooreland Oklahoma

2 days ago (Aug. 12) there was a earthquake that register 2.5 with a depth @ 12 K which was change this morning to a depth of 5 k

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Post Olympic Plane Crash ...

I've been way to focused on trying to save FRACKING LIVES ... and misread the FRANK prophetic dream message... and only when I was traveling cross country did I find myself in a place to get the picture(s) ...

... as back in May of this year, I wrote down a "Frank dream" ... about a Bus crash in water ... and had other dreams about this upcoming period in time ... as I tend to tag it with sports events (here the NBA players... Probably given that U.S. Soccer is out of the picture now) if I am watching the skNEWS (snooze) ... in that dream, the final event concluded and everyone was going home to celebrate ... as I saw in the beginning of that dream a lot of people from far off lands coming together ... and had thought of a final tournament (as NBA ... ) as I thought cities and not countries...  and given the Time I had traveling cross country ... and recalling a "crash" train dream... (Way to much info to write and explain ...)

... as I take this Plane going down, as most likely an attack ... in which AMERICA got itself into a war it can not win... (Without help) and given that I believe a major FRACKING QUAKE is about to hit soon after... (as a 4.0 hit on 8/13 that could be felt over 200 miles away ... )

Well this is kind of like HERE.. HERE...HEAR before I jump into a swamp land ...
So the Olympics end on August 21, so this is enough time to save FRACKING LIVES ...

Well to conclude ... Me Telling the U.S. Government... is not going to save any of these lives, but maybe only when this happens, FRACKING LIVES CAN BE SAVED...

EDIT IN : I received a dream on Auguest 23 (after praying ... To say "WAT up" .... as I was expecting the 22 for something to happen... )  and was informed By a kind of ... "Fools Gold dream" as a couple days later, I received notice from the Court of Appeals (Dated Aug 22) ... and made a true connection to the meaning of the Frank Dream, as me having to point to the Court of Appeals case to hear me out...

Monday, July 18, 2016

I was denied the ability to submit FRACKING court documents ...

I had filed document,... as I've done in the past... and was granted to proceed ... but this time I found out (July 15) that things were denied... and had to re-motion the court ... as I claim this is the "FRACKING GOVERNMENT" ..

Friday, July 8, 2016

... this might be the 5.0 earthquake to hit Oklahoma

Breaking news – The latest earthquake Friday night was a 4.4 magnitude occurring at 9:04 p.m. CST according to the USGS website.
The 4.4 earthquake was one of 6 that occurred near Fairview, Oklahoma on Friday including two 4.2 magnitude quakes. 
The USGS records a total of ten earthquakes in total with epicenters in Oklahoma throughout the day Friday coming from Luther, Blanchard, Medford and Fairview.
The media received several calls, emails, tweets and Facebook messages shortly after 9:00 p.m. with reports of feeling the earthquake including reports as far west as Great Bend and as far north as Salina which is over 200 miles away. That is kind of too far for a 4.4 earthquake range.

Compare this to a 4.5 magnitude that struck Nevada and was felt up to 30 miles away the day B4 ... 

4.5 earthquake reported between Hawthorne and Schurz

HAWTHORNE, Nev. (KOLO)-- There was a magnitude 4.3 earthquake at 4:14 p.m. about 13.7 miles northwest of Hawthorne, the University of Nevada, Reno Seismological Laboratory reports. It was followed by a magnitude 4.5 aftershock.
The KOLO 8 News Now newsroom had a call from a woman in Yerington who said she felt the first quake as it rattled her work building. Yerington is about 30 miles from the quakes.
The Mineral County Sheriff's Office said it has had no reports of damage, although it was felt there. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office said it received no calls and no one in the sheriff's office reported feeling it.
Both were about 12.5 miles deep.
Ken Smith, the seismic network manager for the University of Nevada, Reno’s Seismological Laboratory, said the quake was just west of Walker Lake and there has been a swarm there for about a year.
“There was another magnitude 4 there a few months ago,” Smith said.
While he hasn’t heard of any reports of damage, he said it is close to a steep area along U.S. 95 as it goes by Walker Lake, so there is a chance it could send rocks onto the highway.
Stewart Handte lives in the Walker Lake area and the quakes “shook the house pretty good,” he said. “A couple of things fell off the counter, but nothing broke.”

They have had several sharp jolts over the past year, Handte said.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

White House news

  • THIS News came out that puts true numbers with a value of lives, and makes me want to take that independence step .... from the White House as it comes to counting! Should anyone trust the White House of keeping account of lives, if they count like this?
The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

FACT SHEET: Executive Order on the US Policy on Pre & Post-Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in the US Operations Involving the Use of Force & the DNI Release of Aggregate Data on Strike Outside Area of Active Hostilitie


... as it is being reported way under any other groups numbers of innocent lives lost... Between 64-116 that President Barack Obama finally released on civilians killed in U.S. counterterror operations in Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen in drone strikes since 2009, which fall way short of  independent counts by very wide margin

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

T + 30 - Flag Day

I dreamt that I was married to Mrs Who... (A woman that I have not seen before) and we were always together... and I went on a working / vacation (as I brought her along) to Washington DC ... as we stayed at a nice place...

but Wii get in little arguments, as sometimes I put my work before her ... and she does not like it, if I have to go it alone... and as the dream went...  that is went the phone rings... and I am called to the White House... by Obama,.. (Some sort of emergency)  and I feel real bad because she can't come with me... and we had plans...

Well you know how that goes... and she understood ...  but still I felt really bad, as I had to go it alone to the White House... as I was on my way... I was thinking to bring her back something ... but WAT?
That's when I woke up... as I was was going to bring back...   Michelle Obama (I figured if the President is taking my quality time... I can take some of his… as they can go shopping or something that women do...)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Frank story - Let it Burn

True story... Last night I was watching the San Jose Sharks play in the Shark tank for game 3 for the Stanley Cup... and a guy name Frank who I just meet told this Story... 'Let it Burn'

... Wii were having a couple beers... and he's said he worked in the local rock quarry moving bedrock, as he got out of the house (his wife had a girl fiend over... ) and he said he had an older son that was a firefighter... and he started talking about the California wildfires that hit last year...

The story moves on too... having to form a FIRE LINE .... in which (for those that don't know) you have to cut a line in the forest, and guard that line so that the big Fire does not jump it...

He goes on to state, that there are known "Meth labs" in the area which people protect there property with guns... and that they were staking out a Fire Line to cut... when one of the firefighters ran across a guy in army camouflage attire holding a gun...  Protecting his property... which he reported to the Fire Captain...

So the Fire Captain tells the crew to move to the next ridge a mile away ... and "LET IT BURN" (Refering to the property of the Meth heads)

He also said that those firefighters who fought the fire made some good wages...

This story had me thinking about how to approach taking on the U.S. Government (Fricking FRACKING) as they are cooking Meth (GAS) and it's going blow up...

So as a "Fire Line" is needed (the people in the U.S. Government that need to be fired... Along with greedy big oil ... et al due to the FRACKING mega quake about to hit ) and determine WHO is WHO ... as Frank has spoken ... well if Wii come up against armed resistance... LET IT BURN!

Friday, June 3, 2016

It's on the Record - Case # 16-cv-02993-NC

Okie- dokey  here it is ... Gus Who filed the 1st Class Action Lawsuit AGAINST the U.S. Government due to the U.S. Government bombing it's own people... Predicted between June 8 through June 18th

Link to photo album -

If you would like to join this case, and support either side you need to contact the United States District Court in San Jose, California

If your supporting thy Gus WAT
My email address is as listed :
as Wii take on the defendants in this Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization case

(Against the corrupt governments/ Big and greedy oil Companies ...)
... as Who knows, Wii might be able to save lives and some people property (given they take 'warning' FRANK advice about these kinds of Fricking FRACKING earthquakes)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gus Who, et al vs U.S. Government, et al

I went to file this lawsuit today... but got a flat tire on the way... So I well file it tomorrow ...
(Kind of wierd, like the spirit said , 'hold your horse's"... with a card sound in the spokes of a kids bike...) as I was kind of racing to fight the clock... (Left to file at 3:00 pm)

I'll post the lawsuit ... and as soon as I recieve a case number ... so anyone can join in on either side ...
But everyone should understand this Government has been notified and allows atomic bombs (in magnitudes)  to go off ... and it should come to no surprise that a Mega Quake / H- bomb goes off and...     must hold this Government responsible for 'Creating this Fault...

... as I AM... D-
--               R
-             A
-          W
-         I
-      N
-   G
... a ... L--- IN...E

4-all .... 2¢ (if you get my ZenZe)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

WAT - hit 22?


This reminds me of Pearl Harbor B4 - D7

:computer: I see a couple beeps off to the side of US 




Unread postby Gus Who » Thu May 19, 2016 4:49 am
I just received this message in my PM box ...  :computer: 
... and like to address it for all to see... 
Earthquake prophecy
Sent: Wed May 18, 2016 7:22 am
From: Relthen
To: Gus Who

Hi, Natural born skeptic here

I noticed you had a Earthquake prophecy as your signature and was wondering if you could give me details. Was this something you thought of or did it come from God or did someone claiming to have had a vision from God tell you this? Because it is almost time when this "prophecy" is supposed to come true. I am skeptical because of the amount of people claiming to have had a vision from God have said prophecies were to happen and nothing has happened. I see it more as fear mongering to convince people to join religion before the "End Days" are upon us. Like I said earlier this quake is almost here by what you're saying so lets see if your signature holds up... :)

First, Search my History (post) ... I've been saying it a while now... yes another prophetic dreamer had a dream of a H-bomb going off in the U.S. (He predicted 3 months / March of 2016) ... and I prayed over it to see  :infinity: WAT ... and received a dream - "Oklahoma Code" ... I stated by summer this would happen) 

... this is going to be a pre-quake (predicted May 20/21) of what I saying is a 5 magnitude or greater... but I just received a dream... of a nice bar stool chair, and it legs have been cut short ( deliberately ) ... as these are Man Made Quakes... so if you look at some of my post... I have stated "fishy numbers" by the USGS ... (Which I reported to the FBI to investigate 3 times now by mail.. 4/19 - 5/3 - 5/11) 

My "Gus Who" position ... I claim to be a prophetic dreamer ... and being raised Catholic, but now consider myself 'independent' from any one church... but Christian through the Spirit ( :neer: Batman / batty into Holy Ghost ... )

Back in 1997, I received a 'Waking Vision' of 911 which I called "Twisted I Beam" ... that lead me to play in this dream field... as I try not to push religion, as much as kicking a ball ... as I wanted to be a professional athlete as a kid... and this is like playing ball with all the other kids out there ... that can see  :infinity: the light ball ( :harhar:  :idea: )

I am not trying to push the "Fear' as much as point out that 'Oklahoma area' is not aware of the Mega Quake ... and growing up in the Bay Area / Calif. ... and dealing with "Corrupt Government' ... well I am pointing out a 'disaster in the making' 

Yes this MEGA QUAKE should be reffered to the Bible Quake as ' = too The Great And Awful Day of the Lord' ... as this Quake is Man-Made and has been prophecied to warn everyone of how corrupt MAN has become with ... Fricking Fracking ... 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

4 FBI Agents only - (camel dream)

Okey... me ¢ents FBI docs come back, unopened...

  Since I am getting return mail,  I am creating  a photo document ...
(Based on a dream of a view (left side) of a camel  strolling along .... ( envelope ) ... across a flat land
... and then you see the other side (right side) view of the camel... of open ended cargo stacked neatly with .... (Underwear) lol (you guys might want to read the tags to get the C)

Remember these are MAN MADE EARTHQUAKES! (Bombs)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Earthquake Changed from a depth of 10 to 4

Today I mailed my third FBI notification  (April 19th and again on May 3rd) to investigate into the Fracking industry Earthquake as I told them I am a prophetic dreamer ...

Here is the latest change... (Depth is very important) as it was changed after the one day Mark, (Off the USGS 1 day tracker) and the public reported feeling it. 

May 10 at 12:27 pm
Magnitude 3.1 - 4km SSW of Pawnee , 
4 km depth 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Frank "Blog in"

Oh... This is part of a precursor MESSAGE ... to the U.S. FRACKING GOVERNMENT ... that refuses to listen ...  

… as a prophetic dreamer I recently dreamt this… 

I heard a mans voice say this to me

"A Man does not blow his wad wearing another man's pants"
(This line reminds me of what my dad would say ... as he was a straight shooter, his name was Frank)

I then get a sky camera view of a bus traveling along a highway ... as I get images of many people and a community (like the 2006 movie 'We are Marshall' ) as mostly kids are going or coming from a big title game and everyone is in tow ( a procession of cars, parents, community based) ... as it travels over a raised (4' high) highway bridge style road over swamp land in broad daylight… I get images of these are our kids, our community... as I now see a distance side (ground) camera shot from across the swamp ... as if in a crowd of people watching this bus come into town… and the bus skids off the road and into the swamp and sinks... 

in this crowd everyone is shocked... and is watching to see if anyone from the bus is going to come up from the swamp (muddy water) … as seconds past to minutes … I wonder why nobody moves, as I can sense confusion ... as where do you even jump in ??? ... as all the onlookers start to gather round (as no one is quite sure where the bus is at the bottom of the swamp ... as 15- 20 minutes pass... and no one wants to get dirty! 

about this time, I see myself pulling up in a car, like my kid is in the bus ... Hop .. Skip... Dash ... over whatever log, rock or clump of mud to a spot that I see..  :infinity: and about to jump in... Stop and tell the crowd...

That's when I wake up ... and … BLOG IN!

Hear! Hear! Hear! (Like REaD HERE now and jump in and save lives if you want to be a Who v. ... as this plays out)  Ok - this is most likely about how the FBI does not see where to jump in... as I reported the phony numbers being posted for earthquakes in Oklahoma … as anyone can see that last year earthquakes numbers vs current numbers are unreal. 

Oklahoma, United States has had: (M1.5 or greater)

  • 5 earthquakes today
  • 27 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 102 earthquakes in the past month
  • 3,186 earthquakes in the past year
In 2015 there was about 5,800 earthquakes (according too a Sierra Club Lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for Western District of Oklahoma. 

Does anyone really believe they stopped 75% of the earthquakes ???

Edit in /On  4/11 (1 am) • after learning Oklahoma Thunders beat SA Spurs and take 3-2 lead...
This Earthquake that I've been blogging about will probably take place during the Golden state Warriors vs Oklahoma Thunders Conference Finals Series in the coming weeks. I am not sure of the time schedule these two teams play yet... as it has not yet been set

Sunday, May 1, 2016

MAYDAY 4 apple stock

I had this dream a while back and it now playing out... I am predicting Apple stock is going to fall...

Unread postby Gus Who » Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:36 pm

A couple days ago I was looking at my ex-sister in law who works at Apple Computers  :apple: (she is in management) ... She looked a little under the weather ... She then turned a little more thinner and pale ...  :drool: as she was sick ... She then came to me at this point.. 
She kept on sniffing glue -  :whoa: while she was talking to me.. 

I see that Apple Stock has lost over 6% yesterday ... and down 20% from it's high.. (At the time of dream  :apple: @ $115 - now  :apple: @ $105


Unread postby Gus Who » Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:17 pm

:whistling: hmm... I saw/ talked to my ex- sister in-law... Friday, April 29 (I had not seen her last year, as I was out of state) ... asked her about Apple Stock ... as its on a downward slide... @ $93.74 (as I watched it slowly clime up to 112 (April 13) ...) in the last two week ...

It kind of reminded me of this dream ... as I was with my brother glueing PVC pipe for his pool... So yes.. I pretty sure Apple stock is about to tank. I'll have to post when it hits bottom! (As my ex-sister-in-law we'll probably have to get in touch ... according to the dream)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

10:44 ... AM/pm Earthquake

Look - at the last two days in Oklahoma as they changed 4 magnitude earthquakes - .4  (also changed the "depth" of the epicenter) this is my 10:44 PM post

10:44 am


Apr 27 at 10:44 am
Magnitude 4.1 changed a couple hours later to 3.7 - 11km N of Luther, Oklahoma ... 30811.3158

Apr 26 at 10:44 am
Magnitude 4.0 changed a couple hours later to 3.6 - 7km ENE of Harrah, Oklahoma ... eadf7.html

Sunday, April 17, 2016

WAT is going on?

Given that I am still tracking OK "Earthquakes/" and I still am receiving bits and pieces of ... WAT


Oklahoma, United States has had: (M1.5 or greater)

  • 0 earthquakes today
  • 11 earthquakes in the past 7 days
  • 174 earthquakes in the past month
  • 3,327 earthquakes in the past year


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Still picking up "Oklahoma" stuff...

I been receiving dream pictures of a map... with a city... then finding out it's "off" ...
Kind of hard to explain ... But find out as I try to follow the earthquakes in Oklahoma area... These dreams tend to mirror what is happening... as "fishy things" are being played out... Like adding earthquakes days later, and changing magnitudes ...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Another 4... WAT ... Fishy

Back to back 4.2 magnitude earthquake on 3/28 at 11:53 pm  and another 4.1 magnitude earthquake on 3/29 at 5:19 am by Crescent was reported, only for the 2nd 4.1 magnitude, to be downgraded to a 3.6 magnitude earthquake about six hours later! (As I recorded it as a 4.1 at 5 hours after the fact... and checking an hour later it was changed)

This is the 10th (official)  4.0 or greater magnitude earthquake to hit the area this year, as the only source is coming from just one source, that seems to be able to change the magnitude over 5 hours later ... Fishy!

Here is the list I record way back when ... Before they changed the numbers for 2015

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's OFFICIAL! Science has now caught up to Batty cents!


The Goose Egg was laid in which no "FRICKING FRACKING EARTHQUAKES" happen in a 28 hour period between the period of 3/27 @ 6:28 PM - 3.1 magnitude by Medford, Oklahoma...
and 3/28 @ 10:35 PM - 2.9 magnitude by Enid, Oklahoma ... of corse that was followed by a
Mar 28 at 11:53 PM - Magnitude 4.2 - by Crescent, Oklahoma  

As USA Today reported this news Monday!

"a first-ever report made public Monday from the U.S. Geological Survey, which cites the oil and gas drilling process as triggering the quakes.  The assessment of human-induced seismic shaking found 7 million people in the central and eastern U.S. live in the man-made earthquake zone,  said Mark Petersen, head of the USGS National Seismic Hazard Mapping Project.

Human activities, such as wastewater disposal from drilling for oil and gas can cause earthquakes the report said.

The central U.S. has seen the most dramatic increase in seismic activity over the past six years, the report found, as wastewater injection became more widespread. From 1973 to 2008, the USGS recorded more than 20 earthquakes of magnitude-3.0 and larger per year. Such events increased tenfold from 2009 to 2015 – to an average of 318 a year. In 2015, the USGS recorded 1,010 earthquakes."

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fracking and the Government!

The U.S. government is on the side of the Gas and Oil companies, and helped create loopholes!

On CNN Democratic Town Hall Debate in Columbus Ohio last night, a restaurant owner who is an Anti Fracking activist asked Hillary Clinton about her debate in Flint, Michigan in which Hilary stated, "you wouldn't allow Fracking in communities that don't want it," and then she brought up the fact that "Ohio does not allow Local Fracking Bans" and ask her.. "As President well you let Farmers & Communities say NO to Fracking and fully support a clean energy future?

"you know as I said in the debate when asked this, because so much of what  governs Fracking right now is within state and local control.
And the federal government I think has an important role to play including advocating for what you say that I had put forward, which is to give local communities the say over it.

 And I also said this, we need much more scientific research. But here is what we know.

 We know Methane release is bad, there bad for the environment, there bad for the greenhouse gas emissions. 

We know that if water is contaminated, that's bad and we can't allow that to go forward. 

We know that there is a loophole in the law, that I disagree with that permits the Fracking companies to ... aah .. NOT HAVE TO DISCLOSE THE CHEMICALS THERE USING IN FRACKING...

 We deserve to know... I think we have a right to know. So I am going to push very tough rules, now I've got to figure out what I can do on the federal level as oppose to what we are going to have to work at on the state level." 

Oklahoma which as you know has been very Pro-Fracking, has suffered from tremors, little earthquakes around the state and there is growing scientific evidence that Fracking is connected too ... 

I don't want to say Cause, because the science has not reached that... but certainly connected too the tremors 

So now even Oklahoma is saying, "Hey wait a minute, we better STOP and take a hard look at this" 

So I will do everything I can as President to set the rules.. to set the Regulations... to try to figure out how to influence States.

I am not sure that given the present political makeup we can pass a federal law too end Fracking. But we sure can try to regulate it very effectively under the rules we already have that gives us Federal Jurisdiction over some of those chemicals and releases 

So that is what I am going to try to do..  and you know, I know other say "we're going to ban it!" 

I just want to tell you, I am going to do everything I can to regulate it and to limit it. No President can stand up, before you and say, "I am going to Ban it," we have to many layers of law that we have to work through and regulations we have to deal with..." 

And that is what I am trying to say... Very... Very ... Clearly ... I don't want to make a promise I can't keep... I want to tell you what I can do to be your ally ... and trying to stop that at the local level

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Seven earthquakes in one day

On March 10, Oklahoma had Seven 3.0 magnitude or greater earthquakes in the span of 24 hours. These happen at 11:32 PM (PT or West Coast Time)
3.0 magnitutude, 2 km depth
Cushing, Oklahoma, United States

 3.0 magnitude, 5 km depth  
Waukomis, Oklahoma, United States

 3.1 magnitude, 4 km depth 
Waukomis, Oklahoma, United States

 3.0 magnitude, 6 km depth
Fairview, Oklahoma, United States

 3.1 magnitude, 5 km depth
Fairview, Oklahoma, United States

 3.0 magnitude, 5 km depth
Perry, Oklahoma, United States

 3.0 magnitude, 3 km depth.  12:16 AM (PT / West Coast time) 
Enid, Oklahoma, United States

:drumming: That is 5 locations that had 3.0 or greater magnitude earthquakes in a 24 hour period .... :ecstatic:

Note: 7 years ago the average was two of these earthquakes a year!

Also to point out that day light savings time changes...  as "days getting shorter" ...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome Sputniks

Your probably looking at this post because I put some batty cents in the net and you want to see WAT up!

First... Since I don't know yet if the 3rd Fatima secret was correct ... Given that all I know was the day, and since no one post any time frame to the actual schedules... Well all I can say is wecome aboard dingbats!

As I probably not going to change my style, unless of coarse I absolutely have too. Remember this is the looney tune place where ... WAT happens!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


This is an important update from a dream I had in 2011 ... as it goes to the MEGA QUAKE coming
 - Edit: 1/30/16 1:30am - I am predicting this MEGA QUAKE to happen on  FEBRUARY 21 - HITTING OKLAHOMA and setting off possible other EQ in North America

EQ start of world split 
Posted on August 22, 2011 4:20 am

... The dream kind of catches my attention when I am told I have 3 tickets for going 1600 miles ... as I start moving really fast like a beam of light. 
  I am abel to see this invisible level up in the cloud as I leap backwards into the other side of the world in one second... I then feel like I am pulled up to this level and see 8-12 darker skin of middle age in a room as I feel like their my brothers and sisters, like we are a team or group all there for the same cause. (maybe emergency meeting as I think about it) as we greet each other dream skips... 

Then I find myself in a room with a whole bunch of dirty laundry like it needed to be cleaned. Dream skips...

I see a invisible latter coming down from the invisible layer at cloud, in which I can climb up and down... Dream skips..

I find lying flat down on the ground with my ear and eye sight, listening on my childhood imaginary steal the flag line that had no fences or trees but a wider road as I feel and listen to an earthquake and I see a hair line crack form straight down this imaginary line ... as the EQ gets stronger I can see the crack go longer and start opening up to an eight of an inch ... It woke me up.

More details now that this seems relevant: 

The dream starts out being pulled over by a cop as I was driving along a open country road... " I am told I have 3 tickets for going 1600 miles ..." and handed a ticket...

After having this dream, I recall hearing about the 2011 Colorado earthquake that occurred on August 22 at 11:46 PM MDT with a moment magnitude of 5.3 ... and wondering if it was tied to this dream...

But it wasn't until I heard of the Virginia (Washington DC) earthquake that I put these two earthquakes together and scaled off 1600 miles... (I did not make the connection to Oklahoma 2011 Quake (5.3) until I received the "code"... in which calls for this update) as the distance between cities that I look up was ...
Distance from MineralVA to TrinidadCO 1639 Miles (not a straight line) and knew this was the "1600 miles" that the dream was referring too. 

These 3 earthquakes set "records" for being the strongest in there state in over 100 years... ( but as someone who grew up in the shadows of the San Jose Earthquakes, if it's under 6, there kind of mild and not "dangerous" ... Like getting the Thunder and too far away to see the lightning strike  )

(The Dirty Laundry... and the Cleaning it up part and seeing/ hearing for the 1st time "man made earthquakes"...) 

   It appears in 1961, a 12,000-foot well was drilled at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, northeast of Denver, for disposing of waste fluids from Arsenal operations. Injection was commenced March 1962, and an unusual series of earthquakes erupted in the area shortly after.
It was 32 minutes after 4 a.m. on April 24 when the first shock of the Denver series was recorded at the Cecil H. Green Geophysical Observatory at Bergen Park, Colorado. Rated magnitude 1.5, it was not strong enough to be felt by area residents. By the end of December 1962, 190 earthquakes had occurred. Several were felt, but none caused damage until the window breaker that surprised Dupont and Irondale on the night of December 4. The shock shuffled furniture around in homes, and left electrical wall outlets hanging by their wires at Irondale.
Over 1,300 earthquakes were recorded at Bergen Park between January 1963 and August 9, 1967. Three shocks in 1965 -- February 16, September 29, and November 20 -- caused intensity VI damage in Commerce City and environs.
The Denver series was forgotten, however temporarily, in October 1966, when a southeast Colorado tremor rocked a 15,000 square-mile area of that State and bordering New Mexico. Minor damage, in the form of broken windows and dishes and cracked walls and plaster, occurred at Aguilar, Segundo, Trinchera, and Trinidad
During 1968, ten slight shocks were felt in Colorado. Only one, on July 15, caused minor damage at Commerce City. In September of that year, the Army began removing fluid from the Arsenal well at a very slow rate, in hope that earthquake activity would lessen. The program consisted of four tests between September 3 and October 26. Many slight shocks occurred near the well during this period. 

Also... Since 1963 nineteen small earthquakes with magnitudes > 2.5 have occurred within 25 km of Rangely, Rio Blanco County, northwestern Colorado.  The strongest was 4.9 on the Richter scale in 1995.   Extensive research was done by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) from 1969 to 1973 to examine why so many earthquakes were occurring.  The USGS study became known as The Rangely Experiment which established a correlation between deep water well injection in the Rangely oil field and seismicity.  A fault of Pennsylvanian age oriented N50E was identified as the source of the seismicity.   Most all the area earthquakes appear to be originating from Pennsylvanian faults with the same orientation.

So the government clearly knows ... and I have done some research to the numbers of earthquakes by these 3 areas (Colorado (5.3), Oklahoma (5.6) and Virginia (5.8)) I notice the number of earthquakes spiked in 2011 (doubled the number of any year in there history) 

VIRGINIA HAD 57 IN 2011 (previous year was 5 and averaged 4 per year)
COLORADO HAD 41 IN 2011 (previous year was 13, and next highest was 15 and 30 years ago at 30 EQ - averaged  )
OKLAHOMA HAD 64 IN 2011 (2010 around 35 / 2012 reported 35 greater than a 3.0)

In 2015 Oklahoma reported 907 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 or greater ... 2014 that # 589 ... 2013 that # 109 ... 2012 that # 35 (spike year- 2011 that number was 64) ... 2010 that # 34 ... 2009 that # 20 and 2008 ... 1975 averaged 2