Friday, October 30, 2015

Wanting my opinion in the AQUA ...

I had sent in secret documents in 1999 or 2000 that had the Federal government asking about ... as I had predicting that the U.S. would lose this World War ... if they don't get any help from beyond ... 
As I see that Obama is sending in "navy seals" (most likely) today... 
I had dreamt this last night and posted ... 

Unread postby Batman » Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:54 am

I was in my childhood home... Nobody knew I was there... but the phone rings, the help picks it up... and they ask for me by name ... the help says, someone is calling for you  :whoa: as no one knows where I am ... 

I answer the phone, and the man voice asked me, "what I meant when I put out the phrase, "The Aqua is coming?" ... (I think the guy said he was calling from across the country as this coin phrase just hit) 
I thought to myself about this code I sent out a long time ago... I don't recall what I said to him ... but I woke up soon after this thought

Friday, October 23, 2015

A sign!

 Hurricane Patricia became the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere on Friday morning as its maximum sustained winds reached an unprecedented 200 mph (320 kph).

Monday, October 19, 2015

Is Israel a war zone yet?

      At what point should we call this a war zone? As 9 Israelis have been killed in the past month in the attacks. At least 41 Palestinians have been killed — including 20 identified by Israeli authorities as attackers; the rest were slain in clashes with Israeli forces.
Amid the seemingly random attacks, Israelis are buying guns as some public officials are encouraging the public to carry personal weapons. Security has been increased, and especially in Jerusalem.
Violence has led to fear and sometimes outright panic.
Following an attack at Jerusalem’s bus station last week, a swarm of security forces and armed civilians ran along a central road in search of a second assailant following a false alarm. Elsewhere, an Israeli man stabbed a fellow Jew after mistaking his dark-skinned victim for an Arab. Palestinians in Jerusalem say they are afraid of being shot if perceived to be a threat.
But Sunday night’s mob scene at the bus station in the southern city of Beersheba took things to a new level.
The violence began when an Arab with a knife and gun killed a soldier, stole his weapon and opened fire, wounding nine people before being killed by police. Habtom Zerhom, an Eritrean migrant in his late 20s, ran into the station to seek cover, police said. A security guard, mistaking Zerhom for an attacker, shot him.

As the young man lay on the floor, a mob cursed him, kicked him and hit him with objects. Security camera video showed Zerhom in a pool of blood as he was rammed with a bench and kicked in the head by passers-by, while an Israeli officer and a few bystanders tried to protect him. Zerhom later died at a hospital.
An Israeli identified only by the first name Dudu told Israeli Army Radio that he regretted participating in the attack.
“If I would have known he wasn’t a terrorist, believe me, I would have protected him like I protect myself,” he said. “I didn’t sleep well at night. I feel disgusted.”
Meeting lawmakers from his Likud Party, Netanyahu condemned the vigilante violence and sent his condolences to Zerhom’s family.
“We are a law-abiding country,” he said. “No one should take the law into their own hands.”
Police said they were reviewing the security video to identify the mob. As of late Monday, no arrests had been announced.
Critics said the shooting was the result of the charged atmosphere. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, for instance, has openly called on all licensed gun owners, like himself, to carry their weapons to help back up overstretched security forces.
“The death of an asylum seeker at the hands of security guards and an angry mob is a tragic but foreseeable outgrowth of a climate in which some Israeli politicians encourage citizens to take the law into their own hands,” said Sari Bashi, director for Israel and the Palestinian areas of Human Rights Watch.

Hanan Ashrawi, a top Palestinian official, accused Israeli leaders of whipping up the public.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

TURKEY - Dark Matter

This reminds me of a dream I had called "DARK MATTER" posted below...

Unread postPosted on » Mon May 27, 2013 7:56 am

I find myself in this underground cave type setting... ( :infinity: i take camera view) as people are working on "Top Secret" project(s) ... There is a Futuristic control panel behind plexiglass room, as some sort of "Torpedo looking thing is being worked on as this is all done by machines / with white coat nurds types  :geek: running around the machines ... They fill the "Torpedo" with Dark Matter ( :lol: yeah, it's dark smoke!) ... But I see it as a "shadow" as can sense it's "mass" ... as they all get behind the plexiglass and fire the torpedo out the cave... 

I then get an image in my mind of it coming out of this cave under the ocean at super high speed like playing a 3D pin ball machine game at night with the lights out in all the world, and when the ball hits a country it lights up the entire country  :wideeye: ... as images of about a dozen countries pop up in my minds eye, my mind rattles off the first country that lights up ... like typing out  :computer: ... Names...  :dummy" T U R K E Y " is spelled out in a shadow "Dark Matter" way ... as it rises behind the glow of the countries flickering lights ... I could see the Dark Matter getting bigger like a shadow growing darker... 

I then find myself asking the group of people who are next to me.. "What happen when this Dark Matter (Not sure) comes back or traced back? ... as I was thinking it would engulf the entire world