Thursday, March 27, 2014

4-1-1.... 4 .... U-2.... C

Here is a dream that just popped up, that I can relate what is going on... as you might be able to see some signs now....

disaster on earth?

Unread postby Tenyene » Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:46 am

First I would like to say that I am not a dreamer. It's very rare I dream and when I do it is a more realistic type, going to work, eating dinner,etc... so that's why I'm seeking help with this one! I didn't watch anything even close to this, nothing I can figure out about it to what it might mean, so any help would be great.

It started off a beautiful clear night and me and my husband are looking at all the stars. There are other people there too, I just don't recognize them. My husband starts talking to someone else as I'm looking at the sky. The more I look the more I see huge rock like images in the sky. I guess my vision comes into focus and there are hundreds of them! I'm trying to get everyone else to look but they are to busy talking. The boulders are just sitting there not falling (super confused now) finally people start seeing what I see and panic kicks in. It's all over the world... everyone has these above them, people are staying inside, getting into bunkers,etc. Well the night drags by and the next day it's like night time because of all the boulders. Then they start to fall, one at a time, like an asteroid shower or something. Exploding as they hit, destroying everything in its path. We are in a trailer outside city limits. We can feel the ground shaking with every one that hits. We are watching out the window we can see the glow of fire. We are all in full blown panic! No power, no more radio station, it's like we are all going to die. And as the rocks fall within a few yards of us, I wake up. :? Completely calm not sweating or heart racing like in the dream. 
I sat in bed for about 30 minutes racking my brain trying to figure out what that was all about, I finally gave up and went back to sleep :sleep: , in which I didn't dream again

Re: disaster on earth?

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 :sleep: , ."

Yes... I have heard these echoes coming from deep space, which has driven me a little batty :neer: as I plotted these rocks in :dummy" and a little over a week ago, I saw this kind of dark sign in the night sky... 
Which I have reported and posted a date of Impact below to the web :computer: of this "Bombardment" ... as a major "Event" is about happen. (Probably doing with some sort of World War that has built up...) 
Like the stars you look at today ... Obama and Pope ... and you can see these kind rocks as a sign (as World War 3 breaks out, Which one of these are you going to be "Fooling around with" the Joker or the Riddler?
Yeah... The Pope is the Riddler here as he is quoted as saying "Who am I to Judge" as the leader of the church :? 
... as Obama is "Transparent" head of a bunch of Jokers :loony: (NSA, CIA... )... corrupt government ... fighting in losing causes and wars ... I don't think "Obamacare" is a win, just because he made a law out of it.
You know he is going to get in a fight real soon, if he is not in it already in one already ... I real don't see this Joker winning any war that he gets into at this point in time.
There are more signs that I can point out ... But this is not the form ... So I'll have to post them on my Bat cave wall ...
© .... WARNING.... SOME SORT OF "EVENT" happening around 4/1/14...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Caught my seer eye ... Turkey about to get hit again

This breaking news caught my Seer eye as I had a dream and posted it on May 27, 2013 - concerning "Turkey" and a shadow, prior to it becoming headline news 4 days later ... I hope I don't get in trouble as I recall this dream ... and think this shadow is headed back to the Turkey!

I find myself in this underground cave type setting... ( :infinity: i take camera view) as people are working on "Top Secret" project(s) ... There is a Futuristic control panel behind plexiglass room, as some sort of "Torpedo looking thing is being worked on as this is all done by machines / with white coat nurds types :geek: running around the machines ... They fill the "Torpedo" with Dark Matter ( :lol: yeah, it's dark smoke!) ... But I see it as a "shadow" as can sense it's "mass" ... as they all get behind the plexiglass and fire the torpedo out the cave... 

I then get an image in my mind of it coming out of this cave under the ocean at super high speed like playing a 3D pin ball machine game at night with the lights out in all the world, and when the ball hits a country it lights up the entire country :wideeye: ... as images of about a dozen countries pop up in my minds eye, my mind rattles off the first country that lights up ... like typing out :computer: ... Names... :dummy" T U R K E Y " is spelled out in a shadow "Dark Matter" way ... as it rises behind the glow of the countries flickering lights ... I could see the Dark Matter getting bigger like a shadow growing darker... 

I then find myself asking the group of people who are next to me.. "What happen when this Dark Matter (Not sure) comes back or traced back? ... as I was thinking it would engulf the entire world

Clashes erupt in Turkey over death of teenager Berkin Elvan, who was hurt in protests in 2013

Updated 14 minutes ago
Clashes have erupted in Turkey after the death of a 15-year-old boy who has become a symbol of the protests that gripped the country last year.
Berkin Elvan, then 14, was on his way to buy bread in Istanbul when he got caught up in street battles between police and protesters on June 16.
He was hit in the head by a tear gas canister fired by police.
He slipped into a coma and became a rallying point for government opponents, who held regular vigils at the hospital where he lay in intensive care.
He died early on Tuesday morning, sparking clashes at the hospital, which police dispersed with pepper spray.
The death has also ignited new demonstrations across Turkey, another pre-election headache for prime minister Tayyip Erdogan, already battling a graft scandal which has become one of the biggest challenges of his decade in power.
Overnight police fired water cannon and tear gas in Ankara's central Kizilay square to scatter several thousand protesters who chanted: "Government of Erdogan, government of corruption, resign resign".
The police pursued the protesters into side-streets, where small clashes continued.
There was similar police intervention against thousands of protesters in Istanbul's central Istiklal street.
In the southern city of Adana, protesters threw stones and aimed fireworks at police lines as water cannon vehicles advanced against them, spraying water.
Large numbers also protested in the western cities of Izmir and Eskisehir in the most extensive protests since last summer's unrest.
Residents in some Istanbul districts banged pots and pans with spoons from the windows of their apartment blocks, reviving a form of protest popular last year.
Crowds chanted "murderer Erdogan" and "the murderer state will be brought to account" as mourners carried Elvan's coffin, wrapped in red cloth and strewn with red carnations, to a "cemevi", an Alevi place of worship, in central Istanbul.

Boy's mother cries at open window

Alevis are a religious minority in mainly Sunni Muslim Turkey, where their liberal version of Islam has often been at odds with Mr Erdogan's Islamist-rooted government.
Among the throng of up to 1,000 people, some waved plain red flags, while shopkeepers in the Okmeydani district pulled down their shutters as a mark of respect.
Elvan's mother, flanked by a group of women, stood crying at an open window.
"We have come here because of the murderer police. They will be held to account. Berkin Elvan's blood will not be left on the ground," said Ahmet Ekinci, one of those in the crowd.
Elvan, who will be buried today, was the sixth person to die in violence during nationwide protests in late May and June over Mr Erdogan's plans to bulldoze an Istanbul park.
The protests turned into one of the biggest shows of public defiance of Mr Erdogan's 11-year rule.
Mr Erdogan has cast the corruption investigation as a plot to unseat him by US-based Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, a former ally whose followers say they number in the millions and who wields covert influence in the police and judiciary.
Leaked voice recordings, many of them purportedly of Mr Erdogan, have appeared on YouTube over the past two weeks, part of what the prime minister sees as a campaign to sully his centre-right AK Party ahead of local elections on March 30 and a presidential race five months later.
Mr Erdogan has condemned the illegal tapping by Mr Gulen's followers of what should have been encrypted telephone conversations and has described some of the leaked recordings as "fabricated montage".
Mr Gulen has repeatedly denied unleashing the corruption investigation.
First posted 2 hours 3 minutes ago

Waiste of time and money

The future will not use bombers to fight World War 3, this is for the Nazi type Americans...

U.S. Nazi Air Force sticks to $550 million target for new bomber

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force is "holding tight" to a target of $550 million for each new long-range bomber in a fleet of up to 100 aircraft, excluding research and development costs, an Air Force official said on Tuesday.
"We're still using that as a pretty firm chalk line for those companies that are bidding on it and in determining which requirements make it, and which ones don't," Air Force Undersecretary Eric Fanning told reporters.
He said the cost per aircraft would be higher if research and development costs and inflation were added. He acknowledged that "a number of people" thought the $550 million target was too low to develop the requirements needed for a next-generation bomber.
The Air Force planned to spend nearly $12 billion on the bomber program over the next five years, said spokesman Ed Gulick. He said the $550 million target was calculated in 2010 dollars, assuming a fleet of 100 bombers.
Boeing Co and Lockheed Martin Corp teamed up to compete against Northrop Grumman Corp to develop a successor to Northrop's B-2 bomber in one of the biggest aircraft development programs being launched by the U.S. military as defense budgets were being cut.
The Air Force expected to formally kick off a competition this year with an eye to fielding the new aircraft in the mid-2020s.
The project was one of the Air Force's priorities, along with the Lockheed F-35 fighter jet and the KC-46A refueling plane being built by Boeing.
Fanning said the cost target for the bomber would help ensure that the Air Force and the companies involved remained disciplined about the capabilities and equipment proposed for the new aircraft.
He said former Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter had been passionate about limiting the cost of the program, and that the Air Force was "hewing pretty hard to that number."
(Reporting by Andrea Shalal; editing by Andrew Hay and Amanda Kwan)

Look i just save taxpayers ... 100 x 550,000,000= 55 billion  dollars by pointing out the simple fact that "Bombers" are useless in any kind of war to kill protesters/ rebels types that would not pay into this Nazi regime 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Putin cats invation dream

No one is real sure who these armed people are that are coming into  the U-cage


raymond1234 wrote:
Gus Who wrote:I had an invasion dream also this morning ... 
It had to do with Russia and some other force

I saw this recently.........

:eat: hmmm.. I recently tawt i saw Putin cats in Ukraine ... :wideeye: 

:drumming: calling all loony tune friends... :neer: the Puddy cats R in U-Cranial :dummy"



Unread postby jaime » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:23 am

The dream last night was located in some big city. I was inside an older building in a computer lab. There was a lot of people working there on the computers, but it didn't seem like a typical office. All of a sudden someone said to be prepared because they are coming. Everyone started to run around in a panic. Then on the video surveillance I noticed a bunch of people walking down the street in black (like in military form). Looking a bit closer they had black masks, black suits, boots, and huge guns. I grabbed my son and screamed "THEY'RE HERE"!! I went to a storage room, locked my son and myself in, and grabbed a gun. I heard them come in and was afraid, but more for my son then myself. I even said "I hope we don't run out of ammo." My son was grabbing onto my shirt and I told him he had to let go so I could defend us...


Unread postby Gus Who » Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:44 am
I had an invasion dream also this morning ... 
It had to do with Russia and some other force

Hmmm.... I have to try to remember how this invasion played out... I thought I joted some notes down somewhere ... Kind of old news to me... As I recall the dream... We will see a slow low to the ground force sweep across the nation ...