Thursday, March 27, 2014

4-1-1.... 4 .... U-2.... C

Here is a dream that just popped up, that I can relate what is going on... as you might be able to see some signs now....

disaster on earth?

Unread postby Tenyene » Thu Mar 27, 2014 4:46 am

First I would like to say that I am not a dreamer. It's very rare I dream and when I do it is a more realistic type, going to work, eating dinner,etc... so that's why I'm seeking help with this one! I didn't watch anything even close to this, nothing I can figure out about it to what it might mean, so any help would be great.

It started off a beautiful clear night and me and my husband are looking at all the stars. There are other people there too, I just don't recognize them. My husband starts talking to someone else as I'm looking at the sky. The more I look the more I see huge rock like images in the sky. I guess my vision comes into focus and there are hundreds of them! I'm trying to get everyone else to look but they are to busy talking. The boulders are just sitting there not falling (super confused now) finally people start seeing what I see and panic kicks in. It's all over the world... everyone has these above them, people are staying inside, getting into bunkers,etc. Well the night drags by and the next day it's like night time because of all the boulders. Then they start to fall, one at a time, like an asteroid shower or something. Exploding as they hit, destroying everything in its path. We are in a trailer outside city limits. We can feel the ground shaking with every one that hits. We are watching out the window we can see the glow of fire. We are all in full blown panic! No power, no more radio station, it's like we are all going to die. And as the rocks fall within a few yards of us, I wake up. :? Completely calm not sweating or heart racing like in the dream. 
I sat in bed for about 30 minutes racking my brain trying to figure out what that was all about, I finally gave up and went back to sleep :sleep: , in which I didn't dream again

Re: disaster on earth?

Unread postby Batman » Thu Mar 27, 2014 9:34 am

 :sleep: , ."

Yes... I have heard these echoes coming from deep space, which has driven me a little batty :neer: as I plotted these rocks in :dummy" and a little over a week ago, I saw this kind of dark sign in the night sky... 
Which I have reported and posted a date of Impact below to the web :computer: of this "Bombardment" ... as a major "Event" is about happen. (Probably doing with some sort of World War that has built up...) 
Like the stars you look at today ... Obama and Pope ... and you can see these kind rocks as a sign (as World War 3 breaks out, Which one of these are you going to be "Fooling around with" the Joker or the Riddler?
Yeah... The Pope is the Riddler here as he is quoted as saying "Who am I to Judge" as the leader of the church :? 
... as Obama is "Transparent" head of a bunch of Jokers :loony: (NSA, CIA... )... corrupt government ... fighting in losing causes and wars ... I don't think "Obamacare" is a win, just because he made a law out of it.
You know he is going to get in a fight real soon, if he is not in it already in one already ... I real don't see this Joker winning any war that he gets into at this point in time.
There are more signs that I can point out ... But this is not the form ... So I'll have to post them on my Bat cave wall ...
© .... WARNING.... SOME SORT OF "EVENT" happening around 4/1/14...

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