Tuesday, June 14, 2016

T + 30 - Flag Day

I dreamt that I was married to Mrs Who... (A woman that I have not seen before) and we were always together... and I went on a working / vacation (as I brought her along) to Washington DC ... as we stayed at a nice place...

but Wii get in little arguments, as sometimes I put my work before her ... and she does not like it, if I have to go it alone... and as the dream went...  that is went the phone rings... and I am called to the White House... by Obama,.. (Some sort of emergency)  and I feel real bad because she can't come with me... and we had plans...

Well you know how that goes... and she understood ...  but still I felt really bad, as I had to go it alone to the White House... as I was on my way... I was thinking to bring her back something ... but WAT?
That's when I woke up... as I was was going to bring back...   Michelle Obama (I figured if the President is taking my quality time... I can take some of his… as they can go shopping or something that women do...)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Frank story - Let it Burn

True story... Last night I was watching the San Jose Sharks play in the Shark tank for game 3 for the Stanley Cup... and a guy name Frank who I just meet told this Story... 'Let it Burn'

... Wii were having a couple beers... and he's said he worked in the local rock quarry moving bedrock, as he got out of the house (his wife had a girl fiend over... ) and he said he had an older son that was a firefighter... and he started talking about the California wildfires that hit last year...

The story moves on too... having to form a FIRE LINE .... in which (for those that don't know) you have to cut a line in the forest, and guard that line so that the big Fire does not jump it...

He goes on to state, that there are known "Meth labs" in the area which people protect there property with guns... and that they were staking out a Fire Line to cut... when one of the firefighters ran across a guy in army camouflage attire holding a gun...  Protecting his property... which he reported to the Fire Captain...

So the Fire Captain tells the crew to move to the next ridge a mile away ... and "LET IT BURN" (Refering to the property of the Meth heads)

He also said that those firefighters who fought the fire made some good wages...

This story had me thinking about how to approach taking on the U.S. Government (Fricking FRACKING) as they are cooking Meth (GAS) and it's going blow up...

So as a "Fire Line" is needed (the people in the U.S. Government that need to be fired... Along with greedy big oil ... et al due to the FRACKING mega quake about to hit ) and determine WHO is WHO ... as Frank has spoken ... well if Wii come up against armed resistance... LET IT BURN!

Friday, June 3, 2016

It's on the Record - Case # 16-cv-02993-NC

Okie- dokey  here it is ... Gus Who filed the 1st Class Action Lawsuit AGAINST the U.S. Government due to the U.S. Government bombing it's own people... Predicted between June 8 through June 18th

Link to photo album - https://goo.gl/photos/Gj3yYt1CDx6LMhsr8

If you would like to join this case, and support either side you need to contact the United States District Court in San Jose, California

If your supporting thy Gus WAT
My email address is as listed : i800guswho@gmail.com
as Wii take on the defendants in this Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization case

(Against the corrupt governments/ Big and greedy oil Companies ...)
... as Who knows, Wii might be able to save lives and some people property (given they take 'warning' FRANK advice about these kinds of Fricking FRACKING earthquakes)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gus Who, et al vs U.S. Government, et al

I went to file this lawsuit today... but got a flat tire on the way... So I well file it tomorrow ...
(Kind of wierd, like the spirit said , 'hold your horse's"... with a card sound in the spokes of a kids bike...) as I was kind of racing to fight the clock... (Left to file at 3:00 pm)

I'll post the lawsuit ... and as soon as I recieve a case number ... so anyone can join in on either side ...
But everyone should understand this Government has been notified and allows atomic bombs (in magnitudes)  to go off ... and it should come to no surprise that a Mega Quake / H- bomb goes off and...     must hold this Government responsible for 'Creating this Fault...

... as I AM... D-
--               R
-             A
-          W
-         I
-      N
-   G
... a ... L--- IN...E

4-all .... 2¢ (if you get my ZenZe)