Tuesday, June 14, 2016

T + 30 - Flag Day

I dreamt that I was married to Mrs Who... (A woman that I have not seen before) and we were always together... and I went on a working / vacation (as I brought her along) to Washington DC ... as we stayed at a nice place...

but Wii get in little arguments, as sometimes I put my work before her ... and she does not like it, if I have to go it alone... and as the dream went...  that is went the phone rings... and I am called to the White House... by Obama,.. (Some sort of emergency)  and I feel real bad because she can't come with me... and we had plans...

Well you know how that goes... and she understood ...  but still I felt really bad, as I had to go it alone to the White House... as I was on my way... I was thinking to bring her back something ... but WAT?
That's when I woke up... as I was was going to bring back...   Michelle Obama (I figured if the President is taking my quality time... I can take some of his… as they can go shopping or something that women do...)

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