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This is an important update from a dream I had in 2011 ... as it goes to the MEGA QUAKE coming
 - Edit: 1/30/16 1:30am - I am predicting this MEGA QUAKE to happen on  FEBRUARY 21 - HITTING OKLAHOMA and setting off possible other EQ in North America

EQ start of world split 
Posted on August 22, 2011 4:20 am

... The dream kind of catches my attention when I am told I have 3 tickets for going 1600 miles ... as I start moving really fast like a beam of light. 
  I am abel to see this invisible level up in the cloud as I leap backwards into the other side of the world in one second... I then feel like I am pulled up to this level and see 8-12 darker skin of middle age in a room as I feel like their my brothers and sisters, like we are a team or group all there for the same cause. (maybe emergency meeting as I think about it) as we greet each other dream skips... 

Then I find myself in a room with a whole bunch of dirty laundry like it needed to be cleaned. Dream skips...

I see a invisible latter coming down from the invisible layer at cloud, in which I can climb up and down... Dream skips..

I find lying flat down on the ground with my ear and eye sight, listening on my childhood imaginary steal the flag line that had no fences or trees but a wider road as I feel and listen to an earthquake and I see a hair line crack form straight down this imaginary line ... as the EQ gets stronger I can see the crack go longer and start opening up to an eight of an inch ... It woke me up.

More details now that this seems relevant: 

The dream starts out being pulled over by a cop as I was driving along a open country road... " I am told I have 3 tickets for going 1600 miles ..." and handed a ticket...

After having this dream, I recall hearing about the 2011 Colorado earthquake that occurred on August 22 at 11:46 PM MDT with a moment magnitude of 5.3 ... and wondering if it was tied to this dream...

But it wasn't until I heard of the Virginia (Washington DC) earthquake that I put these two earthquakes together and scaled off 1600 miles... (I did not make the connection to Oklahoma 2011 Quake (5.3) until I received the "code"... in which calls for this update) as the distance between cities that I look up was ...
Distance from MineralVA to TrinidadCO 1639 Miles (not a straight line) and knew this was the "1600 miles" that the dream was referring too. 

These 3 earthquakes set "records" for being the strongest in there state in over 100 years... ( but as someone who grew up in the shadows of the San Jose Earthquakes, if it's under 6, there kind of mild and not "dangerous" ... Like getting the Thunder and too far away to see the lightning strike  )

(The Dirty Laundry... and the Cleaning it up part and seeing/ hearing for the 1st time "man made earthquakes"...) 

   It appears in 1961, a 12,000-foot well was drilled at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, northeast of Denver, for disposing of waste fluids from Arsenal operations. Injection was commenced March 1962, and an unusual series of earthquakes erupted in the area shortly after.
It was 32 minutes after 4 a.m. on April 24 when the first shock of the Denver series was recorded at the Cecil H. Green Geophysical Observatory at Bergen Park, Colorado. Rated magnitude 1.5, it was not strong enough to be felt by area residents. By the end of December 1962, 190 earthquakes had occurred. Several were felt, but none caused damage until the window breaker that surprised Dupont and Irondale on the night of December 4. The shock shuffled furniture around in homes, and left electrical wall outlets hanging by their wires at Irondale.
Over 1,300 earthquakes were recorded at Bergen Park between January 1963 and August 9, 1967. Three shocks in 1965 -- February 16, September 29, and November 20 -- caused intensity VI damage in Commerce City and environs.
The Denver series was forgotten, however temporarily, in October 1966, when a southeast Colorado tremor rocked a 15,000 square-mile area of that State and bordering New Mexico. Minor damage, in the form of broken windows and dishes and cracked walls and plaster, occurred at Aguilar, Segundo, Trinchera, and Trinidad
During 1968, ten slight shocks were felt in Colorado. Only one, on July 15, caused minor damage at Commerce City. In September of that year, the Army began removing fluid from the Arsenal well at a very slow rate, in hope that earthquake activity would lessen. The program consisted of four tests between September 3 and October 26. Many slight shocks occurred near the well during this period. 

Also... Since 1963 nineteen small earthquakes with magnitudes > 2.5 have occurred within 25 km of Rangely, Rio Blanco County, northwestern Colorado.  The strongest was 4.9 on the Richter scale in 1995.   Extensive research was done by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) from 1969 to 1973 to examine why so many earthquakes were occurring.  The USGS study became known as The Rangely Experiment which established a correlation between deep water well injection in the Rangely oil field and seismicity.  A fault of Pennsylvanian age oriented N50E was identified as the source of the seismicity.   Most all the area earthquakes appear to be originating from Pennsylvanian faults with the same orientation.

So the government clearly knows ... and I have done some research to the numbers of earthquakes by these 3 areas (Colorado (5.3), Oklahoma (5.6) and Virginia (5.8)) I notice the number of earthquakes spiked in 2011 (doubled the number of any year in there history) 

VIRGINIA HAD 57 IN 2011 (previous year was 5 and averaged 4 per year)
COLORADO HAD 41 IN 2011 (previous year was 13, and next highest was 15 and 30 years ago at 30 EQ - averaged  )
OKLAHOMA HAD 64 IN 2011 (2010 around 35 / 2012 reported 35 greater than a 3.0)

In 2015 Oklahoma reported 907 earthquakes with a magnitude of 3 or greater ... 2014 that # 589 ... 2013 that # 109 ... 2012 that # 35 (spike year- 2011 that number was 64) ... 2010 that # 34 ... 2009 that # 20 and 2008 ... 1975 averaged 2

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