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American Revolution/ Apocolypse

Unread postby jupitercat410 » Sat Dec 14, 2013 7:22 am

I've been having many strange and vivid dreams for about a week or two now, but they're starting to scare me a bit.
Some of them were amazing and unforgettable, some were frightening.
the frightening ones started when i was in one dream, and i had a piece of paper in my hands that read:
I usually cannot read things in my dream so it shocked me when i found that perfectly legible on the paper. This might stem from that whole "December 21st 2012" scare, but it just freaked me out.
Then last night, i had an even weirder dream.
Last night it started as people running from my home town, up some hill. When i saw an old friend i used to know. She was screaming :this is the American Revolution!
And i hugged her and i said 'i know... ive known for a long time too.' then we were running against the crowd screaming "you're life is a lie!" (mgmt) 
After that, people with guns came out of nowhere with their faces covered. They were telling people to get down, but even when they did people were getting shot, so me and my friend ran.
At one point, when we were running we hit a forest, and it was like Avatar. I ended up running so fast through the woods that the entire world around me became a blur. 
Until i hit a building in which we were going to hide out in. But when we went inside, there was only more men with guns. But we had made it to a room where they were keeping another old friend of mine hostage.
when we rescued him, i remember he gave me a huge hug, and he was asking what was going on. And we gave him the same answer we had given everyone else, that it was a revolution. I remember saying that the only way we were going to get out of this is if we got off the grid completely. Our plan was to get to Vermont, and eventually Canada. 
But then my friends were whisked away from me, and i was trapped in one small room. I had jammed a table up against the door, and there were all these people trying to get in, trying to kill me.
Thats when i woke up. 
At first my dreams were really trippy and awesome, and in those dreams i kept hearing voices that were telling me: "2014, The year of spiritual enlightenment around the globe. Earth will change as we know it as society comes together as one to change our lives forever." and that just kept repeating over and over in my head as the sky turned from blue to pixalated red, orange and pink. There was a huge eye in the sky as well while this was all being said...
I like the trippy vivid dreams, but now all these dreams of revolution and apocalypse are starting to scare me...
Could i just be paranoid?

Re: American Revolution/ Apocolypse

Unread postby Gus Who » Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:15 am

No, we are in the EVENT. 
Your picking up on the Tea Party type of Revolution... Civil war of words... Though I call it "SNOWGLOBE" due to all the white lies... The NSA breaks into everyone computers - a lot of corruption in government...
Wars are starting as the US is hitting certain parts of the world... like in Calif -the Air Force is bombing Yemen wedding convoys.. 
... look ... People see high school kids with there hands up on the news ... as guns are easy to get a hold of. 

Everyone is being brainwashed and living in a lie, instead of the American Dream where everyone had certain inalienable rights ... many have lost that right due to crooks in government 
It's kind of like Americans vs Nazi America ... as it comes to "the end" 
(America has lost it reputation around the world as a good guy as the wide and broad crowd (Military) dies in vain)
... or are you one of those who think that America won the hearts and souls of all those countries that it fought in?

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