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Pre-World War 3 chatter... Plus a dream this morning..

Natural... ly

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:lol: ... Hey... this one... NATURALLY... Ties too my  :2cents: 
:lol: ... This one... NATURALLY... you had to kind of listen too get the :2cents: ...

... I find myself in a room where I am listening too (mostly) a color commentary about events that are happening ... as I had the ability to speak back to the voice (male voice)... which sounded more like a live radio broadcast ... (at the events were happening)... 

Of coarse IRL ... Last night there was a lot of small background noises coming outside where I was sleeping... footsteps, talking ... that probably played into this ...

As this commentator who referenced people as "ghosts" on that side and their movements ... He would use terms in which the listener wold have make the connection to the kind of spirit that was floating in ... as the "Ghost" ... (As this dream seem to go on for a while..) though I can't remember most of the dialogue.. I do remember he like to use the term in gases as ... "Natural" ... Like in, look at that "natural gas" move... :yikes as it was about to blow (talking about world events natural.. :creeping: ly happening as events came too light :idea: 

Background: I do see this period coming up ( :infinity: as a seer) ... World War 3 / end time ...
Though also know that "Jesus" comes into this darkness to bring ... :idea:

This Nut-in-yahoo guy is telling everyone that he plans on starting ...

WORLD WAR 3... as he tries to stop a couple of rockets from being fired ... Also ... Will be stopped - article popped up ...

This guy is going to get a lot of people killed.
Everyone should be paying attention to witness this "End Time Period"  ... 

Iran's military nuclear bid 'will be stopped': Israel

Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that Iran's atomic drive "will be stopped", a day after an interim agreement bringing sanctions relief for Tehran took effect.
"Iran's military nuclear programme must be stopped, and Iran's military nuclear programme will be stopped," Netanyahu said at a joint news conference with his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper, without saying how.
Israel has long warned that a nuclear Iran would pose an existential threat to the Jewish state, and has refused to rule out a military strike to prevent that from happening.
Netanyahu fought a major diplomatic campaign against the so-called Geneva Agreement which was hammered out in November between world powers and Iran, and on Monday he said the agreement would not succeed in stopping Tehran.
"The interim agreement which went into force today does not prevent Iran from realising its intention to develop nuclear weapons," he told the Israeli parliament.
His remarks came just hours after the UN nuclear watchdog confirmed Iran had halted production of 20 percent enriched uranium, marking the entry into force of the landmark deal with the P5+1 group of world powers.
The international community also kept its part of the deal, with both the European Union and United States separately announcing they were easing crippling sanctions on Iran.
The deal, which was signed in Geneva, came about after nearly a decade of failed negotiations over its disputed nuclear programme, which the West believes is a front for building a military capability.
Tehran has denied the charge.
"A nuclear armed Iran would not just endanger Israel -- it would threaten the peace and security of our region," Netanyahu said on Tuesday.
"It would give Iran's terrorist proxies a nuclear umbrella.
"It would launch a multilateral nuclear arms race in the Middle East, it could turn the Middle East into a nuclear tinderbox," he said.
Netanyahu said the Iran nuclear issue, and the rise of Islamism across the Middle East, had united Israel and many Arab countries in their efforts to face these "twin challenges".
"Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and the aggressive designs of the Muslim Brotherhood is what shapes many of the Arab world's leading countries today," he said.
"In meeting those twin challenges, these countries do not see Israel as their enemy but as being on the same side of a difficult conflict," he said.
Commentators say the diplomatic effect of direct talks between Israel's sworn enemy Iran and Western powers could see the Jewish state finding more in common with traditional Arab allies of the US, particularly Sunni Gulf kingdom Saudi Arabia.

Israel PM threatens to teach Hamas a lesson 'very soon'


Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened Tuesday to teach Gaza's ruling Hamas movement a lesson "very soon" following a surge in militant rocket attacks on the Jewish state.
"We have a very clear policy. We prevent terror attacks when we identify them in the making, and we respond forcefully against whoever hurts us," Netanyahu told reporters at a press conference with visiting Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper.
"This policy produced a quiet year in 2013, which was the quietest in many years. If Hamas and the terror organisations have forgotten this lesson, they will learn it again powerfully very soon."
His warning was issued shortly after Hamas said it had deployed forces in Gaza to "preserve the truce" following an uptick of rocket fire on Israel.
Over the past month, tensions have risen in and around Gaza after more than a year of relative calm following a major Israeli confrontation with Hamas in November 2012.
Since December 20, four Palestinians and an Israeli have been killed in violence in and around Gaza, with militant rocket fire sparking retaliatory air strikes by Israel.
Army figures show eight rockets have struck Israeli territory since January 1, and another five were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, sparking fears that a new confrontation with Gaza militants is looming.
Netanyahu has warned that Israel would not allow the intermittent rocket fire to turn into a deluge.
"Security requires constant maintenance which means we don't accept what I call the 'drip irrigation' of rockets without a response - that is not the policy of this government," he told foreign reporters in an address on January 16.
"My government's policy is to respond so we don't let the drizzle of rocket accumulate into rain, which then develops into a storm. We act."
Earlier, Hamas confirmed its security forces had fanned out along the frontier to put a halt to firing by various militant groups.
"National security forces have been deployed in order to preserve the truce," Hamas interior ministry spokesman Islam Shawan told AFP, referring to an Egyptian-brokered deal which ended the last major confrontation with Israel.
Militants fired at least one rocket at southern Israel late on Monday which caused neither casualties nor damage.
Another rocket at the weekend prompted an air strike on Gaza City on Sunday, which wounded two Palestinians, one critically. The military said it had targeted a senior Islamic Jihad militant who was behind much of the rocket fire.

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