Saturday, August 30, 2014

91... 2 days until Tweedy OUT

This kind of black and white news kind of fits into my dream ...

Russian politician beaten after report on soldier burials

Russian guide

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Background needed: I have predicted a Russian push into Ukraine on Sept 1 from a dream I had last year. 

This dream starts out as I have to choose between 2 Russian speaking women (Blonde or Brunette) to be a guide into ...
(Like a lot of my dreams with women, I tend to be much younger and have to choose between a coin flip - Beautiful women) 

One was dress pretty classy, while the other was more dressed casual ... the casual one spoke first... The classy one, the classy one point out :harhar: that the other one was a tramp.. You don't want to be seen walking around with a tramp... 
(So I had to go with first impression ... and choose the brains over the blond beauty) 

As this turn into a "Murder mystery" as we could travel past / present in a way were she would give me the insight of the time in the perspective (bias) of "Russia" as if we travel back to "dig up" history the dream would flash to "black and white" and if we take it back to color to Commy tat with :eat: 

As I found myself looking at a situation where I might be set up / as in the past it went way "Back to USSR" 

At the end of the dream, I found myself tweety into a trap in the present time ... :creeping: and wondering if this is a classic tale that I am following this women and am going to be caught or set up. I woke up 

Should I put out a 911 :neer: tweet or just a 9/1... Two days :ecstatic:
Warning ... 91... 2 days Alert (sept 1) ... Ukraine out ... I saw a Puddy tat 

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