Friday, March 6, 2015


  We're supposes to watch for.. "The abomination" You probably missed it as the 45 countdown of "last year"... that put us in "this time" as Nut-in-yahoo pushes the "War" with Iran once He gets elected... Remember how it went down

Two week notice is given!

Postby Gus Who » Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:34 pm 
Obviously one needs to figure out that there is 14 days and 3 and 1/2 hours left ...
Postby Naba-Daba-Doo! » Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:56 pm
Gus WAT... I might not follow the time line you're counting... but WAT part of... OFF SIDES play
don't you understand. You really think Kerry playing nicey-nice with Iran to come up with a pavement plan is a good thing?

If you are a seer you have to get the biger picture and know that Danny boy saw it coming... no matter WAT... you have to place your bets on the right side of the table if you want to end up on the winning team.

Nut-n-Yahoo is still a small speck in the big pictue... and without even trying makes Obama look like a weak presidential microbe.
So WAT if Nut-N-Yahoo says a few hawkish things about his defense team.
I don't care who's politically in charge of Isreal... God will still be God with Isreal
and If still rooting for the JEWS makes me a racist... so be it

isn't it strange... ISIS can be offensive all along
but the world wants to pounce if Isreal even thinks of making one offensive move... in self defense.

just sayin... Nut-n Yahoo would make US a better president than the Obama-nation we got

Postby Batman » Fri Mar 06, 2015 8:43 am
As we travel through the dark...
:infinity: A seers duty is to seek the truth... Yes Danny boy was a kid in the back seat of the sub-ship that was Able to travel through time ... asking "when will we get there?" - he was told to look for the sign that brought in this time ... (It was a little sign that read 45 days to go until you enter into the "AD" called an "abomination") 
Now this sign will lead ... Beep beep beep ... to the pot  :lep: (Danny boy wakes up from his sleep ... to see the sign that everyone see every day...) did you see the "ABOMINATION" sign?

Facts in reality... Israel is 70 after it's rebirth from World Wii, as you might look at 70 AD in this light Nut-in-yahoo own words, he states (paraphrase) "with or without" ... Israel will attack the nuclear power plants... as he plays Moses ..
Moses did not enter the promise land alive...
Does not Iran, have the same rights? Everyone should know that "God" has toy be fair and just!

You and I both know that Jesus was sent to the Jews, and CHRISTIAN followed the path of prince of peace and concord Rome. As Jews have a history of being Jewish! Always seem to go after that pot

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