Friday, December 4, 2015

Interesting dream about California shooting and aftermath...

The U.S. Government is pushing a religious war out of the California shooting in which this dream is saying... Big mistake!


by ASUPERSQUIRREL » Wed Nov 25, 2015 8:10 am 
I was fully lucid in my dream. I am in my apartment. It is an Autumn night. The leaves are colorful on the trees. I feel peaceful. I look out on my balcony, and the moon is a true blood red at exactly 2 am. I realize this blood moon is a warning, and the last warning the U.S will get. Americans do not even notice, they've been asleep through all warnings. The moon turns from red to black, and when it turns black, it melts into a black liquid vapor that spreads out over the sky like black ink spreading over the surface of water, blotting out all the stars. A voice says, "This was the last warning! From now, there will be no more stars, and nobody will ever see the moon again!" I know what it means, from now there will no more hope, everyone will suffer deep anguish, and be in such torment, most if not all, will want to die. Nobody will have the gift of light anymore, it will be the deepest darkness humanity has ever known. I hear a Bible verse in my head, "The Heavenly bodies will be shaken, and the moon will no longer show its light!" (Mathew 24:29 and Joel 2:10) I am told "Come and see what has been hidden from the American public!" I go back inside and there is a room hidden by by large heavy red curtain. The curtain is pulled back. I walk inside. I walk into a room of Babylonian statues. They are human animal hybrids, very strange creatures. Half human, half bulls people, half human half lions, and half horse and half human, but whoever collected them, was especially fond of half human, and half bulls and even an auroch. Their long horns stabbed upwards. I realized that all the people the central power within the gov't, and world gov't, are all secretly in a Babylonian cult. The mix of human and animal also represents the mixing of human and animal DNA and organs, for example, human brain tissue has been implanted in mice, and there is also genetic engineering going on, mixing human genes with non-human genes, and mixing genes of animals with insects. One of the statues was of a very short man. I recognized President Obama, even though it does not resemble him, it is very block-like, not well defined. It comes to life, and Obama starts going around hunting and killing innocent Americans, smashing the skulls of women and children with his stone hands. No one can defend themselves against him because he has been made into stone. He is full of extreme rage, and went everywhere beating every person he could find to death. He was like a enraged bull. End of dream.

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