Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Stand

I went to mass today at a Christian Church and it touch on the theme of Father's Day and how the HOLY SPIRIT moves us.. as it got into Isiah 42:1-9 and John 6:60-70 ... as one of the things that stood out with me was that 25 million children grow up without a dad... as I happen to be one of those dads in this stat.

As I was forced out of my role as a dad, because I tried to argue against a bunch of thugs who I claimed were corrupt from the start of my divorce... as I was forced off my property and place of work.. as all my assets were tie up into a house I had just built at 11209 Staffer Lane in Cupertino Ca.
(I was a general contractor)

 The judge and my ex wife attorney were buddy buddies as ...
 I tried to use laws like 170.6 prior

as I recalled submitting the latest numbers of the U.S. Census Bureau that about 85% of woman get awarded custody of the kids...,

I'll edit it in ..

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