Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New York escaped prisoners

FBI Pet Peeve escaped

Unread postby Batman » Wed Jun 10, 2015 5:49 am

I was working with a partner on some small job, and he stated "that the FBI would like us to look at an "emergency job" ...

.. So we rush over to take a look (check it out) and they bring us in to show us WAT  :whoa: ... THEY BRING US INTO A ROOM IN WHICH A CREATURE is "sitting up like a dog" - it had white shaggy fur and the body of a large wolf like creature (no tail), with the head that looked like a "PINCHER BUG" with 2 Human legs...  :wideeye: 

They made this creature take a walk around in a circle, like you would a trained animal in a circus .. Then it disappeared 

My partner and I are alone in the room, as I turn to him and say, "WAT ":?: ... 
(Like you want us to chase down this mans butt coming out of a WAT)  :drool: 
I was awaken by a cat.. 
But I know WAT the FBI Pet Peeve is.  :lol:

by Batman » Mon Jun 15, 2015 12:39 pm

Hmm ... in the dream the vanished .. So I am pretty sure after a week of intense searching ... It's considered a waist of resources to continue in this style. They should only go with reported sightings... 

Though you might try Looking at Waywood Pines, as Burke in nearby  :lol:

:eat: hmm how does that work anyways, does the state of New York foot the bill, or is the Federal Government going further in debt :?

by Gus Who » Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:44 am
This could be it, as when I first looked at a map these were the two places "Owl head and mountain view" stood out! But I kind of like Burke because the FBI was lost in the woods, and it reminded me of them looking through "Waywood Pines"
Police hunting two convicted murderers swarmed a corner of upstate New York late Sunday after another possible sighting — this time linked to a break-in at a hunting cabin.

Investigators and military trucks converged on the communities of Mountain View and Owls Head after the owner of the cabin saw a single individual fleeing the scene.

The sighting, which occurred early Saturday, is being probed by state police, Franklin County Acting District Attorney Glenn McNeil told NBC News.

I guess this meant half of the two of them... 
Pincher bug motion was chopping them in half...

As I took a waking guess after looking at a map a couple days after and was going to say... Owl Head .. but Mountain View sounded familiar (living in the Bay Area) ... But went with Burke  :lol: due to Wayward Pines  :rofl: 
(I kind of have fun with the Holy Ghost as it's batty stuff  :neer: ) 

So.. was Wayward Pines close enough to BURKE to get the  :2cents: 

Purple pin drop is where these guys escaped ... The yellow guy is where he was caught 


:geek: I wonder how much it cost to catch this guy... (All said and done?... as it would of been cost efficient to just put an arrest warrant out on them instead of this long of a man hunt ) 
BATTY OUT!  :neer:

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