Tuesday, July 7, 2015

China stock market crash ... 2/17/15

I just saw the news, and this reminded me of my 2/17/15 dream... The sand (beach) must of meant summer time here... So the U.S. Market has to compete against this news...


China                Then         3,246.91.      Now   3,575.76

Hong Kong      Then       24,784.88.      Now   23,923.37

"At the moment there is a mood of panic in the market and a large increase in irrational dumping of shares, causing a strain of liquidity in the stock market," China Securities Regulatory Commission said in statement. 
Since June 12, the Shanghai Composite has lost an unnerving 32%. The Shenzhen market, which has more tech companies and is often compared to America's Nasdaq index, is down 41% over the same period.

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