Monday, August 24, 2015

WAT Commiekaze (Kamikaze) Subs

LOOKS LIKE IT's TIME 4 - "The Hunt 4 the Red October" ... could be a North Korean, USSR made SECRET SUB with a nuke  ...  WAT, I say about 4 subs could be this kind of Red October class sub. 

Does anyone really know if more than one nuke goes off who fired them? 

Does anyone know if these Subs have nuclear warheads... and do they have to fire them if there have communist-kaze drivers?   

 Breaking News.... Top secret ... I-spy stuff... WAT

Tokyo — South Korea’s military has expressed concern at intelligence reports that indicate that more than 50 North Korean submarines have sortied from their bases.
The sheer number of vessels that have put to sea means it is impossible to track all of the submarines, officials said, even though the boats are largely outdated and technically obsolescent versions produced in the 1960s for the Soviet Union.
Nevertheless, by swamping the South’s maritime defences, the North’s submarines may be able to land infiltration parties on the coast to carry out attacks behind the front line. Alternatively, they may target warships of the South Korean or US navies.... MayB communist-kaze

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