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Vatican dream - The Cardinal Brief

The Cardinal Brief
UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Thu Feb 28, 2013 11:45 pm

3 am l just woke up from a dream where I was at the Vatican, peeking in, (both camera view / and bird view) ... 
Image batman in a cardinal Red :neer: 

Though like usual I tend to have gotten a lot of information as things made a lot of sense as I listen in to all those birds (cardinals) tweet ... But now find it hard to remember details ... Well, the brief was about what on the desk waiting for the new Pope. Okay seeing if I can go back into concave sleep

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UNREAD_POSTby Naba-Daba-Doo! on Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:24 am
Gus, going through someones drawers is a personal matter.

and getting briefed is... being pulled up short:yikes

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UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Fri Mar 01, 2013 2:34 pm

Well I am Catholic, Like I am an American. As I have gripes about both ... and can not real support either cause full heartedly, as I tried to say :nodding: ... as I was called crazy way back when ... My I-beam dream Image...

But this goes into my ability, I do have some :2cents: to kick around :infinity: ... as I am willing to work with the right team. So I kind of look at this as "locker talk" as these guys are all football players... wanting to show off their English with the ball Image

You know how it was if we look back at History of the World Cup, and who can host it :cheers: and drink. 
Let's face it in the old days it was played at the Roman Coliseum.. (as rules go ) Until John Paul Schmidt was picked Captain that's is... (as you know Italian had 455 years at the helm ) in 1978, and he traveled spreading the sport amongst all those other sports. 

Then when it came time to choose who would host the cup in 2005, well it was already known that Germany would host it in 2006 as the ball was going that way. Now if we looked at how these birds will think, I was thinking if we follow the sport that Brazil would have to be the top choice to host the cup as it's set up for 2014.

Though this dream, did not get into the picking as much as I saw it as planned. I guess I'll bLOG a little more of it in my brief. :whistling: 
But all these birds (Cardinals) that want to play ball, amongst all the other birds and all the other sports in which we as a race have to define words as tweets or twits in a game of Soccer or Football, with a coach as Allah or :harhar: Al for short or Buddha or :harhar: Bud for short ... In whatever sport there into and team they want to play for ... Well JESUS, truth has to be told as Christ is the King :king: 

Well right now there is "no Pope" so we must be all antipopes if we tweet or hit a bird in a game of Badminton around. I'd say we have to see why Pope B pooped out, as my dream was more about that. (I have to go sit on the pot and write my brief :lep: so I can bLOG out) Image Flush out in layman terms.

The brief was prepared in a way to inform all the Cardinals about what scandals await the next Pope. As a lot of this was leaked out... As I recall it was a lot of crap to deal with. Very few people were qualified to address these kinds of issues.  Like all institution it is quite a lot to try to digest, let alone think your going to be qualified.  As there was only a hand full to choose from, and as it was, like most choice ... I did not go into to watch them choose, but kind of had X-ray and saw a couple shadows battle it out...

Though as I was watching this play out, I was wondering of how I had though ... All this weight, as not fair for a new Pope to carry.  


UNREAD_POSTby Batman on Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:58 pm
I find myself in a closed door room with a bunch of guys (not sure who, though religious) as we are in deep discussions for what seems like hours. I agree to support one guy as the new "Pope" but at that moment everyone seems to lay down or just hide as I see a couple guys go under tables. (Like they went to sleep) I see a dark smoke go though the building. After it clears I kind of say WAT :whoa: 

I guess no one was picked at that moment. I woke up kind of happy as they at least listened to what I had to say.

Re: Conclave

UNREAD_POSTby Naba-Daba-Doo! on Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:43 am
I say the last man standing gets to pick. 
if you :cheers: drink (spirits) them under the table...
that's like them going to sleep on your watch.

so WHO you gonna pick to re-POPE-ulate the earth?

Nabba :sleep: out

Re: Conclave

UNREAD_POSTby kathie0823 on Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:22 am

Wow - your dream was a prophecy. The Pope went into retirement, and now they are in conclave to pick a new one. Very interesting!!

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UNREAD_POSTby Naba-Daba-Doo! on Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:36 am

They cannot leave until white smoke emerges from the Vatican chimney
black smoke means no decision is made

they probably have to wait till the 
Holy Smoke clears the room out :D
concave... bad guy hide outconvex... frustrated bad guy :fuming:

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UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:47 am
WAT you did not get my hosting the World Cup prediction in the Cardinal Breif. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=117103
But yeah we're taking the 49... bottle of beer on the wall Image with the last Supper Bowl and the lights go out.:dreams: as we count down... and they all go to sleep...

Come on guys stay awake, let's get the ball, don't be a Peter and retire and then listen to the Valtimore roster crow 3 point when :whoa: ... 

As someone who likes to play the game, and does not want the other team to read the English on the ball Image well... I think he was forced out... to much dirt, and the way the ball moves, and you know how Gazoo coaches... Alfred, he tends to give you a new start with a new team. Well, I am not sure if I was a player or a watcher :infinity: 

So... I guess I am going to play for the Catholic side, if they can listen and stay awake.

Re: Conclave

UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:04 am
Update ... Hey I picking Brazil to host the World Cup. Image

:harhar: look it only took me 12 minutes to get this smoke

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  1. I added the picture on 3/8/13 ... as a Soccer Player, I though Brazil should host the World Cup.