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Bat out in the open tale

HERE THE WHOLE  DREAM THAT I POSTED TODAY TO THANK THE "HOLY GHOST" as I forgot to wink before he pitch me through in this "Field of Dreams" of playing ball... AS A SEER IN THIS HEADS UP   Image TO THIS KIND OF BATTY-NESS...    :neer: (SKIP TO ANSWER IN GREEN BELOW IF COMING FROM THIS POST)

Paying .02¢ to the Holy Ghost

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Background: I been having some pretty good dreams that seem to suggest things... or at least give some :2cents: too. (For example, Mother's Day Dream, that nobody real caught on too... viewtopic.php?f=2&t=132121#p624405) posting about a special mother in their life as a tale to share for my bank of batty tales. As my Mother wanted to be a writer, and not the teacher that she turned out to bee. 

Though most of them are personal, like for all those night owls who want to hear me "beep beep" like a bat out of hell:neer: that if my personal tales are being bitten, because I hooked up with the Scooby Doo Gang ... 

[Hide] Spoiler:
May 13 dream- :computer: "Bat out in the open" 1st ... -tale.html

... so in this dream, I was with a couple guys (small loose group that seem to want to follow along this journey I am taking) as it was normal to travel through this realm by just going through a doorway, portal, window... ect to a different scene (like skipping through dream post, into another dreamers world) ... as we pass through a doorway, I was in the middle of this group passing through, as there was a doorman that was holding the door open for this group, and I was doing most of the talking, like it was normal... 

As we step into a world of an outdoor setting (like hiking in the national park) and I feel this stick come and wack/tap me on my shoulder from behind... So I look back at the doorman to see if he has a stick as he was the closest person.. as we travel through pretty fast one at a time and you don't stop in or around the opening (you don't want to block the flow of traffic) ... Though he did not have one, I looked at his face, as he had that poker face on that a kid gets "Staring straight ahead, trying not to react to you looking at them" ... 

Those that were out in front of me, saw this happen... as we moved forward in time (about 25' away and to the side of the doorway) :whoa: "WHY?" (As they could not understand why a doorman would pretend he did not hit me) 

I told them the :dusto: "Punch line"

1st- [Hide] Spoiler:
May 13 dream- :computer: "Bat out in the open"

2nd- the :dusto: "Punch line" 

[Hide] Spoiler: ... Seeing the side of the coin from another realm
;) of :harhar: :2cents: :cheers:I looked at the doorman and kind of smiled and gave him a ;) (pee-wink) of my coin :2cents: for recognizing me as I passed through, so here is  :cheers: Cheers to the "Spirit" 

Bat dream May 13, 2014
My computer was smashed up... :computer: "Bat computer" 

(Cut to ending) 
... as I was with a woman who was helping me with my computer ... as it was smashed up and all my personal data was on it in little bits... as I wanted to be able to capture some of these images back ... 

When all of a sudden we hear this high pitch noise from the other side of this lab (it was a long room a lot of tables) as we were getting into the guts of the computer... then it kind of made the same noise but on low mode... Like a smoke detector every couple seconds... So we decided to investigate... as we moved across the room slowly ... We got about half way there when we saw a BAT that was underneath the table at the end of the lab come out and fly straight towards us...  (Kind of Scary moment) then it flew out the door ...

It was daylight outside and the bat went up in the air... and all of a sudden thousands of light colored owls  appeared in the sky following the bat.... but the bat was much faster than the owls as it kind of looked like a giant funnel of birds following  the owls out in front as it swirled around... Eventually one of the owls  caught up to the bat and took a little bite of this bat tail... That's when I woke up

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