Friday, May 2, 2014

Germany Teaming up with America today

Germany Teaming up with America to support and put the "face" on this group of "Nazi-American "(NATO -US)  going after "Commie-Russia" (USSR-Russia... china will probably jump in...) as these are the two main sides that well fight World war 3 

   Too bad that nobody really looks at "History" as it's repeat itself... if you recall World War I and World War II shows that Germany unites to get into these kinds of fights. So is this fate, like the moment Germany united in 1871 to start The First World War... as clearly the propaganda on both sides is being played out as is... These two sides fighting a world war. 

So... understanding this kind of history gives us a framework for understanding what is happening in Ukraine, and what is likely to happen next as everyone is going to have to deal with this fall out. 

In the news today...
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel mounted a display of trans-Atlantic unity Friday against an assertive Russia, even as sanctions imposed by Western allies seemed to be doing little to change President Vladimir Putin's reasoning on Ukraine.
Days after the United States and the European Union slapped Moscow with a new round of sanctions, Merkel arrived at the White House for meetings and a working lunch with Obama. The German chancellor came buoyed by a decisive re-election victory late last year but facing pressure from all sides as Europe seeks to toe a hard line against Russia on Ukraine without harming its own economic interests.
Sitting side by side in the Oval Office, Obama and Merkel chatted quietly to each other as reporters were briefly allowed inside at the start of their meeting. The two leaders were to hold a joint news conference later Friday in the Rose Garden.
As the crisis in Ukraine has worsened, Merkel has spoken to Putin, the Russian president, perhaps more frequently than has any other European leader. Because of this, the U.S. sees her as a critical channel of communication with the unpredictable Russian leader, as well as a key player in the effort to prevent other EU nations from going soft on sanctions.
"There's no question that the situation in Ukraine, the continued failure by Russia to abide by its commitments in the Geneva Agreement will be a focus of the conversation," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.
The diplomatic deal struck two weeks ago in Geneva has failed to de-escalate the conflict between pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and the central government in Kiev. The U.S. and Europe have sharply rebuked Putin for flouting his responsibilities under the deal, and Moscow on Friday declared all hopes for implementing the accord "effectively destroyed."
As if to underscore the fraught situation in Ukraine as Obama and Merkel prepared to meet, Ukraine on Friday launched what appeared to be its first major assault against pro-Russian forces in the country's east. Three deaths were reported in early fighting, which brought down two Ukrainian helicopters.
U.S. and German officials said ahead of the Obama-Merkel meeting that part of the discussion probably would focus on how the U.S. and Europe would coordinate harsher punishments — including sanctions targeting broad sectors of Russia's economy — should Moscow further provoke tensions in Ukraine, such as by sending military forces into restive eastern Ukraine. The White House is concerned that Europe's deep economic interests in Russia and dependence on Russian energy could deter EU nations from following through with sanctions that could ricochet onto their own economies.
"She's getting enormous pressure from German industry not to harm their interests," said Heather Conley, a Europe expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "She has to start laying the political groundwork for this because it requires some sacrifice."
Merkel, like Obama, has ruled out military action to deter Putin from seizing more of Ukraine. Sen. John McCain, a leading Republican who has urged Obama to send weapons to Ukraine's government, said he planned to tell Merkel during a private meeting that he was embarrassed but unsurprised by her country's failure of leadership.

A troubled EU-U.S. trade agreement, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is also on the agenda, as well as joint efforts to deal with climate change, Syria's civil war and nuclear negotiations with Iran, said Laura Magnuson of the White House's National Security Council."The leaders, they're being governed by the industrial complex of Germany," McCain said Thursday. "They might as well have them in the government. It's shameful." ...
As many people around the world have been feed this "Nazi" propaganda agenda (smooth talk in the public eye, always claiming that the other guy is the terrorist or  bad guy that need to be killed for trying to protect their side of the line) through this kind of spiritual warfare below in dream form... as these two side head into World War 3   
I like to point out as a seer to all, that both sides are planning on crossing the point of "no return"... and therefore they are both evil entity "demon possessed" as they claim to have the legal authority over all of mankind as these two side start World War with there so-called rules. 

Ghosts of Nazis Really Are Taking over the Living
by ASUPERSQUIRREL » Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:53 am

I have dreamed before that the ghosts of the Nazi criminals, soldiers, and ghosts all sorts of Nazis were so deeply programmed with the mind control and propaganda of their time, they were gathering in large numbers in the spirit in an attempt to still carry out their regime’s goals. Unlike other human spirits of even small groups of human spirits, no amount of damaged souls ever gathered in such large numbers and as a result have so much power to recreate the Hell on earth they had created in their lifetimes. In the dreams they are traumatized by war and what they did to other human beings but instead of being human and facing what they had done, they completely cling to the Nazi propaganda for comfort and strength to avoid facing the truth, to the point they have no memories prior to the war, only fragments, and only the Nazi purpose and propaganda fills them. They are of one mind and one purpose. Every time I dreamed this, I was terrified.

In this dream, I was seeing my future. I had somehow obtained great wealth and I could at last afford to travel. I was in Europe visiting a large derelict secret Nazi factory that built experimental war machines with forced slave labor. It had metal rails that hung just below the ceiling and a track below. Near the rails above were great metal arms that supported the tank or whatever war machine it was guiding through the assembly line to be built. The town knew about the derelict factory but forgotten about the all that was buried underground here: people, cars, un-exploded munitions, bombs. The factory was large enough to lay a skyscraper on its side and still have plenty of room all around it. A ghost of a young man came in. He may have a welder on the line, a slave laborer. His soul looked deathly ill as if starving. He wore a leather helmet that was a partial mask with goggles and the mask reached down to the top of his nose. He had a leather jacket and some kind of leather overalls over top of some work pants. He was as thin a a broom stick. He looked like a stiff wind might blow him away.

He was wondering what I doing there. I suddenly became aware of a bomb about to explode so I ducked into a derelict bunker. The bomb was like an old hydrogen atom bomb. After the bomb went off, the ghost fell over dead. It was like his soul died or went into some kind of severe shock. As I walked to my car, the dirt literally starting crawling away, and exposed all the piles of disposed of cars, munitions, and the dead that were dumped into the junk yard and buried. I got into my custom car and it didn't matter to me now that I was rich because I was overwhelmed by the ghostly experiences I had. They ghosts of the Nazis were amassing as one in the spirit world because never before so many damaged souls under extreme mind control all with the same purpose have gathered as one spirit army to go out to still carry out their orders of their regime, to possess the living, so that they can recreate the Hell on earth they knew in life. 

I mean nothing mattered than warning people and putting this to rest. I went home. In my backyard there was a very nice picnic going on with cheerful guests, plenty of good food. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. I especially noticed a very kind and very elderly German doctor there. I had to go back into the house to get a few things ( this only way in and out of this house from the backyard, which is a real house by the way, is through basement). I noticed the basement floor was flooding with clear water. I walked further in and saw a group of ghosts, doctors and nurses that worked in hospitals killing patients on order of the Nazis. They were traumatized by war and what they did to other human beings but instead of being human and facing what they had done, they completely cling to the Nazi propaganda for comfort and strength, to the point they have no memories prior to the war, only fragments, and only the Nazi purpose and propaganda fills them. They are of one mind and one purpose: to still carry out the Nazi orders. They had the bright surgical light there and had surgical instruments laid out on a table. They were going to strap me to a table and torture me surgically to death! Then the old man came in and joined the doctors. I was so terrified I was saying anything I thought they’d want to hear to get me out of this. I ran out of the basement crying. Then the dream spoke ( for I was lucid dreaming) and told me the old man was the soul of physician who carried out awful acts of torture and death under Nazi orders because the Nazis would've have sent him and his hospital staff to a death camp if he didn't. This is how the Nazis got normally good people to do awful things for them (the dream said). It was time for his penance and recreate what he had done so he’d be forced to face it.

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