Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Does this look like a Cork tree with bark...

How can anyone not look at this cork tree group and not decipher the third secret as this?

(CNN) -- Pope Francis said on Tuesday that modern slavery is a "crime against humanity" and is "unfortunately becoming worse and worse every day."
"This takes place in hiding, behind closed doors, in private homes, in the streets, in the cars, in factories, in the fields, in fishing boats, and in so many other places," the Pope said through an interpreter during a panel discussion Tuesday led by CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "This takes place both in cities and in villages -- in villages of the richest and the poorest nations on earth."
A diverse group of faith leaders gathered at the Vatican on Tuesday to sign a declaration pledging to "inspire spiritual and practical action by all global faiths and people of good will everywhere" to eradicate slavery by the year 2020. 
Leaders and representatives of Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Shiite and Sunni Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism all were present and signed the initiative.

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