Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Superbowl odds are ripe for ... SNAKE i's

I been picking up a lot of chatter and looking at all the omens and odds in a C-hawkish way ... as I realize that the U.S. (Government) has a target on back, and it's list of advasaries grows even bigger.. (Yeah, I not that big of a fan of the Gov either, but realize it's a ness-a-scary evil that Wii all have to deal with...  )
But like the odds change from one team to win over another ... I see that the closer the game comes the more negative vibes (as in something bad happens) I am picking up. As I see it just as a game... Though it appears it has become a target that is seen as "American Football"

So as a seer, I put out this warning as "odds" have grown to where I can not just stay quite... as if I where to roll the dice and have to make a call ... with the ARITHMITIC CODE ... I call this day,
"Snake eyes" ...
I was not sure if I should post something, but I did pray b4 I went to sleep and recieved this ":wave: hi -technical version box  :computer: ... 2 Wii ...... (So take this as a "Warning" ) as I been given this Z-message

MP3 odd?

Unread postby Gus Who » Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:01am 
A friend from high school (MARK) days that I use to play soccer with, but was also a baseball player showed up and wanted to play soccer with, but I am slightly injured and am nursing a broken foot, and can't run yet... So I told him I could not ... But I went with him and watched ... them play "football" (soccer) 

Mid-way through the game he stop playing in the middle of the action and ... We drove to a store were we pick up a package.. He called it MP3 .. it was all rapped up in brown paper ... and he unwrapped it - it was a box (that's when I woke up) 

I been picking up subliminal messages about the Super Bowl ... as odds are that there is a good chance of something happen to disrupt the game ...

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