Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today's the day... 4 ... The Pre-911 address

Hi - today is the day that "President" O'Bomba has scheduled for some time now (knowing that this is going to go down in history as) ...      "THE PRE-911 ADDRESS"

I'll try to be blunt... To those people who can get some of Dopey's .02¢

Mabus is dead and buried, his tale goes something like this...

He was conceived on 9/11/01 under a Bush, as 2 World trade towers came crashing down and out of those ashes he rose to power to lead the wide and broad crowd into the Hell - O ... W(hole) - world that he called his followers. 

(Note: Followers the wide and broad crowd) 
He "shock and awe" US into Iraq when he became of age to get that W-Bus out in front for a name for history sake ... as people wondered if he was Ma-bus ... the anti-Christ as he brought on war... But he had to give way after 7 years old to a name of Nobel peace ... Look Ma  
From the records ...

On 15 December 2011, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta officially declared the Iraq War over, at a flag lowering ceremony in Baghdad. The last U.S. troops left Iraqi territory on 18 December 2011 at 4:27 UTC.  
   Officially  Mabus died on that battle field, though it is said that his spirit survived and is just hiding in a hole most likely in the continuus burning aftermath of Afghanistan so called... W 

As it is well documented about the 10 year rule, well people be better off in ten years ...
Since the U.S. military's withdrawal, significant violence has continued in Iraq, as Sunni militant groups have stepped up attacks targeting the country's majority Shia population to undermine confidence in the Shia-led government and its efforts to protect people without American backup.
Mabus did his job and now he has placed that power in the hands of "Congress" for the wide and Broad crowd to follow ... The Anti-Christ!

He'll gives a pretty good argument to take you there! Hell we all know it's Washington DC 

I would like to leave you with one last thought ... There are two crowds that talk about this war... 44 (fore-for) that's his number ... The 4's and those against ... 

... As I say, I can see some of the future, I have to be the odd man out... My true identity...  my initials are TRI... (3) so ill play the odd man out and say don't go down that path to World War 3 ...

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