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by Batman » Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:55 am
DarkStarlet wrote:
my mom taught me how to spell hard words

"When I was a little kid, my mother told me not to stare into the sun, so when I was six I did..."

My mom was a school teacher and taught to code ARITHMETIC, as it made gobble :cheers: gobble sense in church. It was this lesson that help me outgrow the ding bat stage and into a batman over these dimwits whom claim there is no souls that can travel through the afterlife. 

:eat: So did you just bring us pie to crunch as part of the answer in this equation :cupcake: ...

by Batman » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:40 am
DarkStarlet wrote:Hi Batman! Well I don't know about that equation. Also I'm no mathematician... see? I just like the "idea" of it... somehow :-)
Maybe You can tell me more about it then?

Would be interesting... A good movie... Well, the end... LOL :D :D

"We all find peace at the end" ...? da?

No, not all. As cards go to numbers being dealt in this subject matter. As we all have choice to believe in... "numbers" / signs/ symbols... As in accurate at face value, as the "God Particle" card goes... as these top dogs here that play in the name of some group like "science" (atheist -1.1 billion - this figure includes agnostic and non-religious, which tend to be grouped on surveys) in this Scooby Doo mystery poker game .. 
Did you say Move E? ... Like all in with Higgs boson ...


Now when I debunk this card at face value ... Well that dog can not play at the table for the top card in this deck and get that lifetime supply of treats taken away ( or like in Hong Kong - people can see another choice, rather then atheist ways, as governments form... Groups tend to limit or restrict) 


As all dog gets assigned to a dog houses and can bark or bite if they break house rules ... so those that want peace, will find it in their right group. As this theory goes to a core issue of building blocks, and a direction to go. 
As I just had a dream that relates to finding peace or war, depending on how one uses "lead" as conflicts arise. But this goes to building blocks / matter so you need the right LEADer ... viewtopic.php?f=8&t=135152

Now if you want to kick up ARITHMETIC code Image and play ball with some English spin in this Feild of Dreamsviewtopic.php?f=15&t=112429&p=547543#p547511

ARITHMETIC gobble gobble

by Gus Who » Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:57 am
A Red Indian Thought He Might Eat Turkey In Church. It's time to gobble gobble with the gobbles. :eat: & :cheers: 

Today is a day that symbolizes two realms sharing a meal as they talk turkey. If spiritual beings all brought just :2cents: to the table, we all could get a peace of the pi. So lets all try to connect the dots and grab Adams rib to :chatter: with as we create an eve the we all could Beep beep about.

:lep: Here's my pot luck, place your :2cents: on the pass line, and take a Roll, as my bread is on the table :cabbagepatch:before we get into the meat. :whistling:

by Gus Who » Thu Oct 02, 2014 10:11 am
The Eagle wrote:
Lol to the point of atheism? We are discussing life after death - not god. Seriously yiu need to go to google, type atheism definition and learn what it is. Idiot.

We can look at you and say you are posting in a thread called "hell does not exist" - can you not see the irony of what you just posted?

You can be spiritual without being religious - they are not the same thing. 

You can be spiritual without believing in unicorns.

Again your ignorance shines through.

100% of people believe - thats human nature. What seperates people are those that dont use logic for a portion of their beliefs and those that use logic for all of their beliefs.

The illogical portion - believe in illogical things with no justification or structure to the belief - life after death, omnipotence, omniscience, this portion also has no reason to not believe in unicorns.

The logical portion have no reason to believe in the illogical so dont believe in fantasy.

You see my belief encorporates 100% of people. I can explain logically why what you claim isnt valid in terms of truth.

You are unable to justify your belief, I think you can see that, and thats why you cannot discuss it, just claim the same thing over and over, dressed up in the childish way you post. You ran into the wrong thread for that though.

You've been exposed and cant deal with it. I have to admit its funny to watch. :)

When I speak of "atheism" it falls into this non religious group of those that don't believe in a higher power...(as half of these people who claim not to be religious, believe in a higher being) 

Irreligion (adjective form: non-religious or irreligious) is the absence of religion, an indifference towards religion, a rejection of religion, or hostility towards religion.[1] When characterized as the rejection of religious belief, it includes explicit atheism, religious dissidence, and secular humanism. When characterized as hostility towards religion, it includes anticlericalism, antireligion, and antitheism. When characterized as indifference to religion, it includes apatheism. When characterized as the absence of religious belief, it may also include implicit atheism, agnosticism, ignosticism, nontheism, religious skepticism, and freethought. Irreligion may include forms of theism, depending on the religious context it is defined against. In 18th-century Europe, the epitome of irreligion was deism.[2]

A 2012 survey found that 36% of the world population is not religious and that between 2005 and 2012 world religiosity decreased by 9 percentage points.[3] The Pew global report in 2010 noted that many that are not religious have some religious beliefs and the majority of nonreligious come from Asia and the Pacific.[4] According to one source, it has been estimated that 40–50% of non-religious people hold belief in at least one deity, or in some higher power.

This thread is to push the views that man is made in his own image like a AI (artificial intelligence) and has no lasting consequences. That people will not be held accountable for any action taken in their lifetime. (Good or BAd) as it is all about "appearance" and no "character" that goes to core value / soul. (Which is spiritual) 
Your going against "spiritual good" to limit action taken in one day or one lifetime. As anyone can take the approach of "innocence" to wrongs committed... as you claim there is no "Fear of God"

Hence I say to you dimwits that are gambling with your soul(s),Image and all that follow this non-practice of spiritual realm values ... Which can cause many to go astray... (Wrong way) 

You will be seen and judge as you are...

by Gus Who » Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:53 am
The Eagle wrote:If you need to fear a higher being for the consequences of your actions and not your own concious - then you are a very weakminded individual.

But again that goes to the social factor - some people need that belief to act "the correct way" but having the belief is inconsequential to the logical reasoning. You see - you now are saying it doesnt matter if its true, only people believe it in order to act a certain way.

The logical reasoning comes before the consequences of the belief.

Plus - if I dont believe in your unicorns it doesnt matter, should the illogical idea of life after death be true I will be judged on my life, you on yours - if a higher being cant grasp the logic argument for not belueving in life after death I would say it cant be much of a higher being can it.

Your argument doesnt matter either way.

Until you learn how the human mind works - then you are just playing with unicorns.

See it's this dimwit attitude that can't understand consequences of playing for a team spirit. 
Image As many "minds" have lost there faith and there soul with a position of not believing in ARITHMETIC in which the Great Pumpkin well appear on a coming October night as a sign. 

Go play for the other team.

by Gus Who » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:00 pm
The Eagle wrote:Lol if the choice is team ignoramus unicorns or team logical reason. 

Logical reason might be more boring than fantasy - but truth usually is. Think on that

I play for... TEAM SPIRIT and the ARITHMETIC code that leads to the path of righteousness


It goes with BIBLE CODES!

 by Gus Who » Thu Oct 02, 2014 1:56 pm

The Eagle wrote:Translated - team blind faith, ignorance of yourself, ignorance of history and of course unicorns. :)

No. Translated 

by The Eagle » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:51 pm
Lol this is you hanging you stocking up on xmas eve - not knowing santa doesnt really exist.

you do realise you have now lost your majority claim of 80%.

need a poster campaign to increase popularity - or are you just getting lazy?

So which particular christian cult do you belong to?

I take it you do not fear Odin, Zeus, Allah, Ra, Osiris - I mean I could go on....

Are you safe in the knowledge that by you believing in jesus as a saviour of your unicorn, it might be the thing that damns you.... It certainly does while you are alive, damns you to blind faith and ignorance. ;)

     I was raised Catholic ... had a vision back in 1997 ... put me on the non-practicing catholic list (/a "Christian", belonging to "church" as ONE into the 31% xmas tree( :geek: a lot of them talk funny English, kind of old school)- as ghost talk goes to all that listen to the ARITHMETIC ... ) 
As I claim to get "Prophetic Dreams" .. So I am a seer - and a player Image (Team player / coach) 

Image You know how it is, look at all the cards on the table... and the ones in your hand, and say a prayer to win that pot of souls over the rainbow. :lep: :2cents: 

So... What do you think about the next biggest player - Islam? at 23% ... or the 4th player, behind your 17% - Hindu at 15%?

The Eagle wrote:so if you are "non-practicing catholic" - (another time we will look how much of a ludicrous thing this is to actually be), but lets look at the figures.

only 48% of christians are catholics - that would make your "31%" into 15% - which is a smaller group than the 17%. as you are a "non-practicing catholic" that would reduce the 15% to what exactly? :lol: 

it would also make islam the biggest group. 

you see stats can be read different ways - and what you are claiming is ridiculous as the same stats work against you.

nah nah. :)

by Batman » Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:06 am
The Eagle wrote:Lol this is you hanging you stocking up on xmas eve - not knowing santa doesnt really exist.

you do realise you have now lost your majority claim of 80%.

need a poster campaign to increase popularity - or are you just getting lazy?

So which particular christian cult do you belong to?

I take it you do not fear Odin, Zeus, Allah, Ra, Osiris - I mean I could go on....

Are you safe in the knowledge that by you believing in jesus as a saviour of your unicorn, it might be the thing that damns you.... It certainly does while you are alive, damns you to blind faith and ignorance. ;)

I am Gus WAT :dusto: 

ARITHMETIC CODE goes to when you see the ball Image instead of the spirit/light... :idea: 

As Religion is being a player. Anyone can play ball here. It has universal rules that can make :2cents: cents, that any ding bat can hear this and see it as common sense. Dimwits take the current 17%, do not belief that players use codes, symbols or signs to play ball, and can not make this basic 1 spirt :harhar: + (crosses) 1 player = Gus WAT worth of "matter" (unicorn to eagle eyes) "Invisible communication" 

by The Eagle » Sat Oct 04, 2014 10:03 am
Batman wrote:AGAIN - I ask,(Eagel) as you fall in and out of the "belief" spirituality of this ARITHMETIC to the 17% - (as a belief is a choice, where in some religions and atheist views, there is no other choice to spirituality) whom see no choice, and no "God" or gods. (As in "Swear to God" can and should be argued in courts of law... Given the "Current times and geopolitical situations")
As you can swear to the "Higgs boson" 17% who have no God, and no faith... and swing towards atheist view...
Or take a ding bat approach :dummy" with Gus WAT :whoa: (God particles) and defined your soul/spirit into a lump as a basket case of dirty laundry.. as one error out... into a continuum ... 

The Eagle wrote:Spirit is the non physical part of a person.

Therefore all belief is spiritual, and 100% of people are spiritual. This beats any of the above percentages. ( :nodding: there are anti-spiritual ways that goes to directions, as spirituality is a ° 

The subject matter of the belief makes no difference in terms of spirituality. Because spirit is the non physical part of a person. Of a "person" - it means life, for a person to exist they must be mind and body. Spirituality is about being human - about being alive. Beliefs of what exists after death - is part of the subject matter of a belief, whether you believe in god or not, whether you believe in an aftertlife or not - it matters not, its all equal in terms of spirituality.

However the way we as humans - 100% of humans form belief, is rationalize information and decide probability of truth, this is not even or equal among humans. Intelligence is required to admit when logic is not there to back up a reason to believe, no evidence, no logical reason. This cant be seen by everyone because it requires a logical mind. The people without logical minds will rely on other people to tell them the what to believe - they become sheep. However poularity if an idea doesnt represent how true something is, logical reason does.

People believe in things for different reasons - logical reason, emotional attachment, comfort of thought, popularity of an idea (the sheep mentality) - most deviate the subject matter of a belief away from logical reason. An individual might ignore the method they apply to one belief in order to fit one of their other beliefs in. They might start with a belief then look for reason for it to be true, the danger with that is you are inconsistwnt with level of rationality.

For example if we are to describe something: there is no observable evidence of it existing, no test can prove it exists, there are stories of it existing, people do believe it exists, it brings comfort to those who believe it exists.

Realistically, logically, rationally - (dirty words for peopke like batman and guswho), the above can describe the "afterlife" as much as it desribes a unicorn. But yet - some people will insist an afterlife is definitley real and true but unicorns not, showing the inconsistency being applied.

Thanks for reading :)

That is a dimwit argument trying to argue for the 17% Unaffiliated people around the world, as to be treated as equals ding bat players who believe in WAT? Unicorns  
Birdbrain ... You come and boast against this kind of ARITHMETIC code as illogical, because of such numbers, symbols or pictures having no meaning. 
As I speak to all those ears out in this "Field of Dreams" of the reality from a batty perspective of coming from... 


as going in to "π" is part of the "equation" and is symbol here, and therefore keep open a slight possibility to becoming a player in this Field of Dreams. For those willing to play ball Image

:geek: this goes to Triangular matrix and choice, as "spirituality" / Religious beliefs is the 80% of the world whom are ding bats, as they have faith, but yet have a hard time understand how all these perspectives are so far apart... action / :fighting: reaction ... spiritual :fuming: warfare... Which lead to this point in time.

NOW... :infinity: not yet received the universal EQUATION with this ARITHMETIC that is needed to prove the Gus WAT :dusto:
[Hide] Spoiler:
God Particle (Recognized as :idea: > E=MC2)

Now ...the calculation the Bat Computer is going to kicked out... I testify that any Ding bat who is on my team, were to follow along the geometry as it is projected to hit in the near future, they would be able to get the OBE camera view on the plane that brings the Spirit in this Physical world, and thereby receiving the equation.

This "EQUATION" proves the "God Particle" in which is described as...

In his bestselling 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, Hawking drew on the device so beloved of Einstein, when he described what it would mean for scientists to develop a "theory of everything" – a set of equations that described every particle and force in the entire universe. "It would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we should know the mind of God," he wrote. 
As this "EQUATION" can put into play as a UNO card to win the pot of souls over the rainbow.

Image Now as a ball player, I have stated that this red light on the moon is a sign for all to see and try to get this "EQUATION" out there... without alarming any of the other dingbat players who have been foretold of such foul being played out. 

As it takes blind faith to hear one's value, as you have to take a number like :cupcake: Pi to face value (as one can not see all the ........ that follow) 

Let's face it in math terms here, you want to get the Trinity part defined as TRI into One... rounded to 4C as this is part of
[Hide] Spoiler:
3.1 :harhar: 4 .......... (:infinity: seeeeeeeee) if you want to get into this :cupcake: treat

This wreakes of "trying to sound 'spiritual' but has no idea what spirituality is".

You are simply arguing your illogical subject matter against the step further back - the formation of belief in the first place. so its not a valid rebuke of what was raised against your argument.

You can go further of your understanding of yourself.

So here we are now - one ive shown how you dont understand yourself, two ive shown what you claim isnt valid in terms of truth. Take it or leave it by all means - logic is still on my side, unicorns on yours.

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