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Light = God Particle

Postby Batman » Wed Oct 08, 2014 6:14 pm
    FOR THE RECORD. LIGHT is the True "God Particle" that can carry time particles
Gus Who wrote:"spiritual truth"
Gus Who wrote:"actual truth
You are saying by differentiating - that your "spiritual truth" isnt "actual truth".

Spiritual truth is perspective, unless it comes to you and in that case "spiritual truth" is "actual truth" even though it contradicts what you say of others, because their "spiritual truth" isnt "actual truth" because......... Because it doesnt agree with your "spiritual truth". Its so lame.

Why differentiate truth? That right there is your error.

You still need to go a step further in your understanding of truth and how we as humans believe in truth. You are still stuck on trying to find a way that your subject matter of belief to be true whilst maintaining a way of discounting others belief when they do the same thing, use the same method as you.

You contradict yourself and back yourself into a corner

I am saying that in reality that we as humans form into teams/groups and that there are different truths... in which language is established... as this ARITHMETIC coded is language to a higher truths.

As a seer, I can say that there is an Equation coming that can prove this Gus WAT. ... as TRUTH = GOD 

Fortunately some truths can be explained as most truths go to perception. Here is a true story where I was a ding bat as I was building my house, it was a big house and I was in the framing stage of this house, and stopped to eat a meal with my 3 year old son. 

I took off my tool belt and set it across the room while my son and I ate. As we had finished, he wanted to help, so I asked him to go and pull the speed square out, and bring it to me... He could not find it, and I had to go over there and point it out to him.

He stated it was a "triangle" that he learned from BIG BIRD! 
I realized that I was a dingbat as the truth was it is a "triangle" 

But what is more important is understand truth in this ARITHMETIC, and look at the sign! As it is a code. 

Listen now, and take note - When you add on a word to "truth" to make a point, you have already lost your way. What you are doing is trying to justify something that is based on something else that shouldnt be considered truth - castles made of sand.

You calling it "arithmetic" to give it more validation doesnt work, what you are claiming is still illogical and very far of what you should consider truth.

You need to spend more time not on the subject matter of a belief, and more on what truth is and how we as humans can identify it.

Its good however you can show equal consideration and state atheists have "spiritual" truth just as you have. you fall down by claiming your spiritual truth is more true than the truth of others based on the method you have used. 

You are inconsistent in your methods of truth - so it shows you havent got truth. :)

Well considering that I am corresponding with someone who things the bible is unicorns stories in a dream sites Spirituality and Religious beliefs and given you a perspective of someone who has OBE experience... Let me point out the logic of not being able to see this ARITHMETIC. 

YOU CAN'T LEARN and you well be birdbrained or dimwitted into the wrong direction. So if you narrowed "actual truth" into a single particle that we should "Structure all life around" like a ball that we can call the "God Particle"
Image... Without it we can not play ball in this field... in your atheist views that truth is :harhar: Higgs boson where in any dingbat would say Gus WAT
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"light" :idea: is the correct and actual Truth to this question of a "God Particle" as it equates to God = Light in this Trinity.

So now you have God = TRUTH LIGHT which goes to both spiritual and Actual Truths. Though it is mans Free will not to believe that sets God and Mankind apart. (2 different realms)

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