Saturday, February 28, 2015

Israeli War Marching into view In the coming days!

Israelis will head to the polls two weeks after Netanyahu addresses Congress and Netanyahu is leaning heavily on a strong national security platform to remain prime minister and keep his party in power as he MARCH the  Country to WAR!  

Netanyahu as Nut-in-yahoo has been active on Twitter in the last month, posting about the existential threat a nuclear-armed Iran would pose to Israel and playing up his defiant stance in heading to Congress to defend Israel in the face of opposition from even the President of the United States.

As it appears that Boehner made the invitation soon after Republicans assumed control of both Houses of Congress — and the day after Obama announced in his State of the Union that he would veto the Iran sanctions Republican members are seeking. The invitation had the appearance of scoring partisan political points.

"I am going to the United States not because I seek a confrontation with the President, but because I must fulfill my obligation to speak up on a matter that affects the very survival of my country," Netanyahu said recently in a televised statement, explaining that he needs to lay out  his "profound disagreement" with the U.S. and its negotiating partners over the nuclear talks.

Netanyahu has supported and lobbies for more sanctions on Iran, but Obama and his Democratic Department negotiators have insisted it could bolster hardliners in Iran and push Iran away -- rather than closer to -- a peaceful end to Iran's nuclear program.

Remember the "Abomination that caused this Desolation" happen already back in November!   
Look I am telling you ahead of time to watch!

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