Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The Looney Tune War!

Media Element

by StrykerTasha » Tue Nov 11,2014 8:50 am wrote:
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StrykerTasha wrote:I once had a dream where the cartoons and Video game characters were going to fight because one toon, who was Lisa Simpson, said that because the manipulation element that the game characters had was so strong it caused the witches to manipulate kids.
It caused a huge fight. At least I think it was.

I talked to harry potter's friends who were book characters. They talked about the elements of their world saying that video ga,me characters ruled manipulation, cartoons ruled animation element which is to give life to everything, and book characters have the element of speech. That means they could speak just about any language and take away languages. And make people understand the language.

I asked who ruled time. Before they could answer the news came on and I woke up.

Wii are fighting the looney tune war against the evil Witches!
The X Rules with the equation!

The Equation in ARITHMETIC CODE is
Light & Truth = X

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