Sunday, November 2, 2014

North Korea paranoid - Ebola

North Korea seems to be paranoid that it will come under attack from Ebola.... As news comes out that North Korea is trying to have Subs with nukes...

Why Is North Korea Freaked Out About The Threat Of Ebola?

North Korea Launches Submarine Capable Of Firing Ballistic Missiles: Report

Also this dream caught my eye the other day...

North Korea completely destroyed in minutes and I sobbed

Oct 20, 2014 

I had a dream that I can't remember all the details of, but I specifically remember the science channel at my school talking about how North Korea's missile system has increased and that they destroyed a tip of Alaska and part of a forest and village in Canada. We were all afraid and on the news everyone was told to be quiet. 

There were red lights like sirens, the sky was so dark, and the news told us that the USA released missiles bc of the threat and they showed on camera them literally plummeting around the world in minutes towards North Korea. Our president was just sitting there with a solemn expression, and I had visions on the TV and in my head of the bombs exploding everywhere. Citizens were screaming and the land was sinking underwater. Dead body parts coated the grass and literally sirens and shrieking bloody murder. North Korea was sinking into the ocean and everyone was dying, and I just started bawling for those people with no hope of living. Literally, it was wiped off the face of the Earth, and the news was saying that we were acting in defense and that they were evil communists that would've reached a major city in the States if they didn't act.

It made me sob and made me horrified. People in my dream either ignored me or gave me dark, inhuman glares. This was only a few nights ago!

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