Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dreamt this morning

Ridding on a train... all kinds of people... Yapping .. Blah, blah ,blah.. There was a bouncing baby (9 month, can't walk yet) in the middle of the train that catches OUR eyes ( my eye and others around me...) 
The front of the train leans down hill sharply 20° ... Where the back is flat line... The baby disappears like a ball... 
I have an idea where ... as others don't know WAT happening
Scorpio1 wrote:I dunno about the 'bouncing baby', Gus, but yes, I can't believe nobody noticed the Abomination. Sometimes I wonder how clear people want it.  
well my perspective was inside the train.. And I thought I was in the middle... But Wii could of been more towards the front of this train it took this 20° angle ...
They'll probably understand when  
 this baby .... come down the track. 
 toot toot  

 hmm... I should edit in... That Wii were in one train car ... Where people could gather in the front section (blah blahing) .. and the back 2/3 of this train car were sitting compartment and the baby was in the middle of this car ... sitting in the walkway right by the closed sitting compartment doors ... as all eyes turn to the baby... 

Then the train car seem to of spilt right where the baby was sitting ... Like the back of the car was flat, and where the group was sitting in front broke down 20° ... as everyone kind of got jerked forward and eyes turned forward 

... Then I looked back to the flat part and where the baby was ... and a sitting compartment door by the baby was open as that was at the split line (angle line) was ... as the baby should of rolled forward with the jerk ... but it appeared to have went sideways... within a split second ... as I was waiting to see if the rest of the train to take this 20° drop.. 

I was thinking where did the baby go.. as I think other people were too... Like WAT  

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