Tuesday, November 25, 2014

J-walking Time 4 Brown.

Brown should be seen as a J-walker!

I have dealt with bad cops before, and from my experience they use force first, so if a gun is pulled in a scuffle ... anyone might try to stop a gun being pointed at "them" at point blank range and pushing it away as... "clicks" go off... So it makes sense for a thumb to be hit. Brown had to run for life and not try to get shot... 4...  J-walking from a cop with an attitude.
A couple days after the shooting, the Ferguson Police Department released a video of a convenience store robbery that occurred only minutes before the shooting, calling it a STRONG ARM ROBBERY"- It showed Brown taking cigarillos and shoving a store employee who tried to prevent him from leaving. The timing of the video release received criticism from some media, the Brown family, and some public officials, who viewed the release as an attempt to impeach Brown.
At that time, the Chief of Police of Ferguson stated to the public that Wilson was unaware of the "strong armed robbery" .. They were even saying that the call went out after to him... and that the video should not have been released... Obviously several cops must of asked at that time, if he was aware of this, and he said he was not... But then the lawyers and dirty cops got to him and concocted the version, as they wanted to keep this version so they did not look bad. ???

  They claim they don't have records that they did not tape it (sure right / anyone smell bacon?) - but they have memories.. and the version that was floated out first is that the call did not go out to him / or he did not get it until after... So I would not be surprise to learn that the "time stamp" has been changed to suit the facts... as this would not fall into a "911- emergency "calling all cars" be on the look out for... Holy Smoke ... Given there was a video tape and the cops can come and get a picture ... and not just randomly target any Brown kid (in the area)  Think about it.. Shoplifter was not in custody ... Don't police dispatchers asign just one car to drive by, as he was on another call/ channel  (as the police force ... Put out the video.. Other people high up are pulling strings to make a petty theft into a "Demon"... which is typically of a most police forces. IMO  

Here you can see that he was busy on another call at (1.) 11:48 until 12:01  - so he did not get the call to respond to a petty crime (2. stole a cigar) 11:52 ... and was just on his way back to the main strip(3.)     Do cops put out an "All Points Bulletin"??? 
So it come to cop said / robber said - cop always wins because we all know cops don't lie under oath. So most testimony support him stopping and surrendering with his arms up ...
Brown took off running and Wilson followed him. Wilson said Brown eventually stopped and approached him. Wilson yelled to Brown to get on the ground. Wilson alleges Brown kept coming toward him and put his hand under his waistband of his pants....
Wilson just said -"My initial thought - he has a gun" and as witness say he staggered a little bit forward from being shot and out of breath while the the Wilson thought "HE WILL KILL ME IF HE GETS TO ME" as his body fell about 153 feet from Wilson's vehicle.
Clearly this does not make sense to run that far and turn a bull rush a cop with a gun who has shot you. It honestly makes sense to turn around and try to surrender. 
Of coarse for those that are saying there was blood 21 feet splatter beyond where his body lie... But you shoot 6 shots as the go through flesh blood could carry that distance... that nobody mentions. 
I'll bet that the U.S. Government made some sort of deal not to go after all these crooks ... as long as they clean up there act, clearly this is a sign ...
They probably will not prosecute ... bc they would of done it by now...
Almost from the outset, Attorney General Eric Holder showed a strong interest in Michael Brown's death.
Two days after the shooting, Holder said the case deserved a full review and dispatched a Justice Department team to Ferguson to try to calm tensions. The department soon launched its own civil rights investigation.
Holder ordered a federal medical examiner to perform a third autopsy on Brown and called the Brown family to express his condolences. He said aggressively pursuing these types of investigations is "critical for preserving trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve. 
... As all of them knew what the Grand Jury was doing when  Missouri Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency on Monday November 17, 2014, allowing him to activate the Missouri National Guard in preparation for all this. Even the President and the FBI knew this fix was on. 
 Given everything that has happen, I don't think this as a "race" issue, as much as it is people (poor) vs corrupt Government. Even the prosecuting sounded like he was working for the city so they did not have to pay out in this Probable Causes Phase
Almost like he deliberately throw the case with that "statement, Was he coerced into this? I understand nobody wants to send a cop to jail... as he probably only would of gotten fired and settle out of court if this would of went to trial... Now he has to go for lying under oath, and drag down his co-conspirator.  
Clearly this is not a "Justice System" that anyone can respect. The Federal Government must step in and arrest Wilson for lying under oath to a Grand Jury! (Best bet is to get one of those cops that knew Wilson story before, and prosecute those that are in the conspiracy to these crimes.) or the Country will rise up against the "nazi-American types" that seem to be in power. 
This article about Dorian Johnson fits the bill as a reliable source under oath.

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