Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dead mans cliff

What your about to picture by reading this post is going to make you ... 


Last night 12/29/12,  I dreamt, or what I recall was a dream that I seem to be getting repeatedly as something hit the ground ... I wake up. But last night I remember several times the phrase "Dead man Swich" as dealing with souls that have no say being enforced. As the few people who read this know, I have been trying to get the scoop so I can give you tomorrow's news today. 

Since I have a history of looking at contracts, and finding fault in such contract such as what clearly is going to be law in the coming days, with this "Fiscal Cliff" scam. As a handful of Shysters bypass the government to pass bills into law with these last minute deals in which Congress or the House of Representatives can't really debate on the floors, as there is no time left for anyone to really stop and grasp the contract or study / or look at about $600 billion in tax increases and across-the-board government spending cuts that are set to kick in next week for "the nation" true interest.

As you know there going in on Sunday night being force to pass or look like they failed everyone, so why should they even read the contract, as this is "Coercion" and is also standard practice, as the people that you might of voted are acting like "Dead Souls" as you might hear them whisper, but they don't have the right to speak out in the Conscious mind as the government was set up for.

  As someone who can hear such whispers, can I relay this information. So you will see something get passed as law, that any honest person should have never signed off on. I know as I have seen it happen in the Federal Court system where Laywers represent the poor get paid millions of dollars, while the poor that got ripped off with "bank charges," as they did not get refunded the money that was stolen, as the federal courts are stacked and employ such methods to show this not to be a Republic, but run by two gangs... splitting the pork that they add to the bill or law (documents) and have the next generation pay for all there crimes and cover-ups.

Ask any teenager if you think that the US government is on the up and up going into a Sunday nightaton /New Year's Eve deadline, and having to submit a bill and pass it in both the Senate and House of Representatives within 24 hours?  I hope those that read this could understand, this is there tax future and there kids futures, in which is only going to get worse, and yeah, I think a kid could articulate this better than I.


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