Sunday, December 16, 2012

Polar shift /Blue Rose after 12/21/12 dream

I am helping out my nephew who is in eight grade (IRL) as we are talking about the Universe and how things are lining up as 12/21/12 is approaching, and he's grafting it out on his computer. He is nerd type :geek: and plots out all the heavenly bodies. I'm using my thinking cap as I look at these things and just helping him plot things. :toothless: 

He puts it in play mood as the screen shows the movement and he says the date is wrong, :computer: As we switch it to the big 56" tv screen as he highlights the movement in blue on a dark screen... as a blue moon pops up from out of from the earth and i was not sure if this was another planet and the movement in all the stars draw out a blue rosé. As I felt a Polar Shift happen, like the world watched the stars move into the center of the blue mass ball. 
I told him he did it, he figured it out. Though other people were pointing at me, I was saying it was his idea...

Note a couple years back my nephew came up with an idea :idea: off my hat and it made sense :2cents:, as I agreed to go in with him on the patten when I get confirmed on the Patent for the "time machine" hats and caps. 

See my Facebook page for pictures. @Gus Whom. :whoa:

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