Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Afghan - baby seal killed dream

One of my prophetic dreams that i look think about over the years... was a dream of an aircraft crash in the mountains as I saw what I recall glimpse of soldiers falling out of one aircraft... Though beside the crash I do remember what was a baby seal running around as hunters where out to kill it... It took a while, but I saw the seal die.  (I did blog about it, but do not have the records at hand- though I did know it was in afghan mountains and a seal was involved) 

Though I had looked in the news soon after for military aircraft that went down with navy seals aboard (at that time, I did not know that Navy seals would be involved in any land missions. As i though they were just caught off guard. It was years later that I saw headlines on the June 28, 2005 Helicopter crash as it was the deadliest battle of the war in Afghanistan at the time... 16 US troops killed when Taliban bring down Chinook in Kunar province
I think the baby seal name was Michael P. Murphy

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