Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dream - Bible code 3 books

IT ALL STARTS NOW! ...---... Bible code

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2-dreams ...
I was chasing a bad guy Image (though I was with a group) like I was a cop going after a "white collar" criminal as it felt like a "dream life went by ... as crime ---after crime...happened"
and what seem to be a "Long night of dreaming" we catch him. :clap: 
But we have to hand him over to be prosecuted. As that was not our job. I was in my own car at the drop off place out in the middle of nowhere. There was a semi-truck, and another cop car that had the prisoner in long chains. Waiting for the other cop car to (jurisdiction over prisoner/ like two countries dealing with a criminal) take away this bad guy. The bad guy was smooth character Image a true professional at his craft. Look the part and everything, like he could out smart us. Well the other cop finally shows up and we march him over in chains and make the drop.

I stick around after to want to make sure the other cop drives off okay, as the semi-truck and other cop take off. I wait around ... And then the other cop un cuffs the prisoner and let's him go back over to our side as he walks right past me. :wideeye: (I get mad, at the other cop as I thought we were on the same side...) like a cop would feel if you caught someone, then there on the street again... Minutes later. I go up to the other cop... Upset with him, as I kind of have to joke around, knowing that he is at odds with me... as I Q him, as he talks back seriously, saying he has proof and documentation ... as I say you have to show me! ... He says he is serious, as we walk together and he says, "IT ALL STARTS NOW!" (He was going to explain and take me to things..) as I woke up... And note- (An inside scoop)

Next dream ... Here is what I jotted down 
The 3 bibles - (a named bible) 

In the house... There were bibles all over the place.... But there different in style...
... The named bible (the head person ... Who sees ) puts it in two other books under the name... And separate the book through out the house..
Only when you get these 3 books together can you understand the code.

More detail to 2nd dream ... I was upstairs talking with a "writer" of the Bible Codes, as these words have to be separated, as to bring family unity together and give each bible carrier certain title and weight. It was like trying to find 3 books in a library full of books. Only a librarian or the author of the 3 books with his mark would know about the code, which is not written down but put in the memory bank that us who are seers could look at, thereby giving value to moments in time. (We could, peek at any moment in time with the write code) 

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