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Joplin dream

   Here is a dream I had prior to Joplin, and some chatter following up to the event.The times and days are wrong by the dream site, but this is some of  the conversation

Train dream Tornadoes

UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:02 pm
I had a dream last night about a lot of people that were being abused by what I thought look like a demon ... and I just watchd the news and saw a sign of a football showing another start of a killer storm coming ... as the dream started out with a little of this stuff and I was trying to figure what this dream means all day... as the end of the dream was a fighter jet toss out a football... which just click with me (I am sorry about this not well written dream post... but it look like a train kind of weck ... but think it is a line of tornadoes...

--------  I uses another Alias named Batman, so I don't get caught. 
-Re: dreams that forshadow

UNREAD_POSTby Batman on Thu Apr 21, 2011 12:36 pm
I too had a dream on the 18th that I posted in mystic in which I interpreted that a powerful storm is coming and do major damage ... like a train tornado as it was bigger and more powerful than what hit

Too Many Storms

Postby Naba-Daba-Doo! on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:20 pm

I was hanging around in a small bar, like at an airport or strip mall, the owner seemed to know me on friendly terms. I was aware that I was not very well dressed, had let my hair grow long and not shaved. Most people would have thought I must be pretty messed up or into drugs to look like that. But I was just hanging loose with no one to impress, but now it was time to go.

The owner even came over to ask how I was doing just to make sure I was really OK... I said, “I’m fine. I have to go get cleaned up” (like my little vacation was over) “and I have to go check on something.” As I stood up I saw myself in a mirror. I was a little surprised because I looked pretty good, better than I thought, but not even sure it was me.

He was taller, with longer, dark curly hair. A bit rugged but cool looking, he was handsome and could have fit well into some movie scene. He was wearing a heavy darker coat. Leaving the bar I went upstairs to the second level. Somehow the thing I needed to check on was part of this meeting as something had come up.

(OK, I know this is quite a jump but the setting was on clouds above the earth)
I was watching as two little girls came back from playing somewhere, up to me and some other person who seemed to be coordinating this meeting to help resolve this issue to be taken care of. Apparently the two girls (they looked like normal kids but I knew they were spirits) they each had very tall crystal containers of some liquid that had been theirs to play with. Somehow the combination of their two elements together was powerful and quite by innocent accident, they said sheepishly... “We made too many storms” and for proof they said “We didn’t even use it all.” Some of the liquid was still in the bottom of one of the elaborate clear crystal bottles. It also seemed that they were quite new at being spirits.

As I left there, I saw a very large dark figure approaching the girls. Somehow I knew he had been stalking them, he was a dark spirit and had been waiting for such an opportunity.

Then as the scene changes, I hear the dream narrated like a story, something like. “Who will protect them like only a mother can” and then I am on the second level above the bar where I thought I was going first, but now I was watching this young woman awkwardly fumbling with some kind of gun to shoot the evil man about to attack the girls on the open ground floor below. (Now I’m in what appears to be a real life situation) and as she’s still fumbling with the gun. She was reaching through the bars of the open balcony railing with both hands, trying to hold and aim the gun at the same time. and I hear the same words “Who will protect them like only a mother can?” It was the only thing she had and now I could see why it was a bit difficult for her. It was a flare gun and she had never used one before and it seemed like a very long time waiting, hoping almost with her, to get the shot off. --- I woke up before she did.

In the dream I had the sense that the girls were not her kids but something like this had happened very recently to her. She had to do something to keep that from happening to them.

Any thoughts on this one??? Naba

Re: Too Many Storms

Postby Batman on Sun May 01, 2011 3:24 pm

Sounds like you were at cloud 9 airport bar with the owner :cheers: in good spirits wanting to look good, as we always see ourselves in very good shape on top of that cloud... you know that is where one goes just to get away. :dreams: I see this is a lucid dream as you like to make yourself look good, even when your being a bum as you sit around thinking your so witty being nitty- naba with those signs :cabbagepatch:

But to be honest with you. This sounds more like a moderator thing as your being asked ... what?

Two little girls who are spirits ... they said sheepishly... “We made too many storms” (these are the kind of jokers and riddlers I have to deal with a lot of times in my dreams... as you know there up to something... and you find yourself at the Butt end of the joke) ... so be careful (I am being honest here)

Okay this statement is about you... It also seemed that they were quite new at being spirits.... as your going to make mistakes... Like something is brewing.

Well it reads... “Who will protect them like only a mother can” ... Well I see you are somewhere looking at what is about to happen :? another storm... I would say Gazoo tight when a sneeze happen... as you might be peeking here :infinity: ... "I am on the second level above the bar"

Well buddy to be honest with you I have to say it sounds like mother nature here and I had the feeling that demon dropped that last Jet/ football (as I saw that more as a warning sign)... maybe you have to fire the shot?

Do you think something might be coming or are you to worried about your looks??? 

The 2011 Joplin tornado was a catastrophic EF5 multiple-vortex tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri in the late afternoon of Sunday, May 22, 2011. It was part of a larger late-May tornado outbreak sequence and reached a maximum width of nearly 1 mile (1.6 km) during its path through the southern part of the city. It rapidly intensified and tracked eastward across the city, and then continued eastward across Interstate 44 into rural portions of Jasper County and Newton County. This was the third tornado to strike Joplin since May 1971.
A total of 158 people were killed by the tornado and over 1,100 injured. It was the deadliest tornado in America since 1947.

Here is a the time of Chatter as the date is changed for some reason but the tornado just struck as we talked a little about what was going on ...

UNREAD_POSTby Naba-Daba-Doo! on Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:20 am
Even smart :geek: people used to think their world was flat.
then they felt the earth :cabbagepatch: move under their feet
and they saw the sky come a tumbling down (their small world view)
They thought they had everything figured out, all catagorized and stable...
untill... everything SHIFTED :worry:
What?!? it's Not just East, West, North and South?!?

Now we have to worry what's around the corner... a whole new dimension... the other side

Batman, quit peeking... :infinity: that's cheating
UNREAD_POSTby Batman on Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:14 am
Yeah I know but the corner I was peeking around was the devil's! But it is like I have my own area code 511 but no place to sit if you get my picture.
UNREAD_POSTby candice_m on Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:02 pm
HOLY SHIT! Batman! Your dream!!!!!!!!!!! 


The 2 of you. You have no idea what you've tapped into and how synch-y it is with the crazy shit I've been experiencing this week with the Elias material. 

The dream, the words you chosen to use, OMG!

I have screen shots of your posts! I don't have time to respond, but I will tomorrow. DAMN!

 UNREAD_POSTby Batman on Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:52 pm
Dice, sounds like your on a roll :cabbagepatch: - Alfred and I had tapped :cheers: Gazoo juice a while back, and I had to much of the moon shine and went batty. Well I have a lot more reading (or skimming) on Elias... as I can relate to some of that :whoa: stuff, so yeah I get the 511 :infinity: but let's keep this Shift of us being in a :harhar: twilight zone here to this little "mental ward" and under the radar :toothless: as i was already kick out of Bedrock, and I already locked myself up in my bat cave... and the news of the day has made me feel real sick :hurl: ... as I watched Katrina news for days. :pacing:
Alfred is Fred Flintstone and he was trying to build a Time Space Contimuum machine before I went batty.

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