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"Twisted I-beam or 911 post - chat

This is a dream I posted ... That talks about my "Twisted I-beams" or 911
Ray gun across the horizon
by Gus Who on Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:28 am

Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:28 am
Background - I had took some RnR time and posted "The Fall"

Dream start out with me shooting a ray gun across the globe to try to see if anyone would zap me back. As I see a dot of light way far off the horizon... you know how it is as kids, trying to make contact with far away places... though it only flashes a little while and stops.

I then see a group of people a ways away and fire my ray gun at them as they all get caught and start rising up off the ground like balloons :balloons: , as kind of shock and stunned look comes over them... I stop firing my ray gun and they go back down.. and get a little scared and run and hide. :( 

I stay up all night shooting my ray gun at the Horizon and no other lights pop up ... or people

finally the next day someone comes up and brings a tray, saying you need to take this and that together... as he hands me a small cup of orange juice and some white powder as to mix them together (not sure)... as we talk about this kind of lite communication

Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby sailrmc on Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:04 am

Hi Gus, 
I find this dream particularly interesting. In general this dream seems to suggest that you have a need to communicate, and your style of communication often incorporates "levity". While this is your brand or style is light hearted, you understand that there is also a sense of responsibility that comes with your reaching out to others. I am a bit vague on the guilt factor, but I will take a swing at the ball and hope that it is not a strike. Perhaps at times levity can be the focus of conversation or communication that you initiate, leaving out possibly deeper content that would be applicable?

This may be about some dream interpretations OR anything that concerns communication (in which you are shedding the the light on a subject). There is innuendo that you do in fact have a gift of making people feel good when you communicate and that makes you feel good. Either way, communication and keeping channels open makes you happy. When there is nobody to communicate with you can be a bit down??

By the way, your jovial asides brighten my day!


Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby flightgown on Sat Sep 22, 2012 6:03 am

Yes, I second what sailrmc says, it seems to be about communication. You make many 'shots in the dark' and try to make connections with whoever is out there. Sometimes they shoot back a reponse and sometimes not.

Sometimes your communications lift people up :balloons: and sometimes it makes them scared and confused. :whoa: 

I don't know about that orange juice and powder drink. You've had a few dreams with white powder. 
Watch out for the Kool Aid. 
I also enjoy your light conversation.

Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Sat Sep 22, 2012 4:14 pm

Hi guys and thanks for your comments, 
I did not use to be this way... as i never in a million years thought I would of had to use writing as a way to communicate :computer: as my spelling and grammar was always one of the weaker subjects in school... that and public speaking :lol: (Classroom time cut into my playing time was my MO) 

But since I had a (waking) Vision in 97 of "twisted I beams" turned out to be 911 and get all kinds of "messages" in which I have had to learn... the old fashion way (trial and error) ... I kind of learn to to take a open view on things... so if and when I go way off the deep end, that helps me stay focussed :infinity: if that makes sense.... as i've seen lots of souls cross over, and think if could read some of this stuff and do something... well I say it's a character flaw that might me helpful to me in the long run... keeps the newbies to only getting a couple cents and not steal my dream bank of notes. :whistling: I have been doing this for a while ... decoding all kinds of things, as I state that the other side (realm / ghost...etc) sends messages... and I believe I have a pretty good read on some of it... as I joke around, because it's a hit or miss with people... and it's still about the dreamer choice to what to think. 

But this is my take on the orange juice in the dream, as a symbol of vitamin C (as in see :wideeye: ) as the RnR I had posted in Rant and Rave and fell asleep and dream this... the white powder is flour, but acts like cocaine. As I am stating that certain events are happening that add up to the Fall... (but i was just having some fun with "signs")

But this is kind of what i am dealt, and have to try to decode ... as I tap into all kinds of information while I am dreaming... that can push the dream "moods" and characters that i like to play around with and see if I can understand certain themes... 

As a kid I used to shine a flash light up into the stars and send SOS just for fun ... I thought there might be other kids out there :lol:

I think some of the ray gun stuff gets people a high, but they don't want to be under the light as it burns ( I tend to be blunt at times)... as I have to keep a distance from people... as I can focus in or go more on outside spirits (groups)... otherwise I can focus and pick up info (personal stuff) at times. As I point out things. this form at least people have alias.


UNREAD_POSTby flightgown on Sun Sep 23, 2012 1:31 pm
Hmmm, a character flaw that turns out to be a bonus. 
That's the life challenge. 
So you had a vision of 9/11? If so, will you describe more about that?

Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby Naba-Daba-Doo! on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:46 pm

just over the horizon is "a shot over the bow"
like you making a close call... like your October Sir-prize

WARNING... everyone... MYend2012 is near :whoa: 

if you right,,, we give you the 2012 :unworthy: Sir prize and maybe a nice princess
if your :2cents: is right....... but maybe it be too late for that

Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:19 pm

I had described it in several post... and I tend not to want to say all... though i could write a book (if I knew how to write well :harhar: my flaw... though do not want other to take this info) but it was a waking vision .. as "things happened" prior ... within 15 to 20 feet ... and I had to lie down and close my eyes ... as I saw several things not relate ... and at the end of this vision... It's was Out of Body as i knew I was just a spirit like a camera ... up in outer space as vivid as anyone can describe... and I was in the clouds ... as I was somehow directed to 'Look down"... :infinity:through the clouds as I zoomed in, I felt like I was traveling real fast as the clouds up high where more white... and I was going into what were gray clouds and getting darker and almost straight down at super fast speed to see everything not as a blur ...

By the way this is documented in my divorce as "twisted I beam" I was considered crazy and it happen in feb/march of 97 as i told my ex-wife and her parents at the same time a couple days after... 

... and I stopped and hovered about 50' off the ground, I saw at that moment a lot of dark smoke (like I was the first one in) and what appeared to be the aftermath of ... as I had to zoom in even closer to see the structure "twisted I beams" is what I called it... it was all mangled and not something as a builder i use to seeing... as I asked at the time..:worry: is this world war 3? (as I got a response...) 

I called it "twisted I Beam" as I kind of thought at that time it was Soon! I was saying by Nov 2... as I was getting started in this going crazy stuff... and cut back on my work load at the time to about 8-10 hours a day and started doing research on all this kind of stuff... as I started picking up messages .. found out my wife had an affair ... as she knew some of my secrets that i was getting and saying... as I got "weird" when she kind of admitted after we started fighting off and on and I told her things... like who she had the affair with... and I ask her why and she replied, "Do you know how you can love two people at the same time" ... I did not want the divorce, but she wanted me to forget this crazy stuff and made me see a doc... who wanted to put me on pills... and I refused as i did not want to be seen as sick as I started thinking about custody issue ... in which she played the crazy card and closed the bank accounts and left me with nothing about this time of year in 97 as they new how to buy off judges. Oct 2. 97 was the first time I step into a court and I had did not like the judge and we got into an argument and from then on it has been a battle... there is very few judges I would trust... and one of them I am calling a crook to her face. 

But once I saw 911... I sent in documents saying that was "Twisted I beam" 

I knew at the time it would be the only "waking vision" I would have... as I don't count "flashes" of events as visions, even though I should... but there not the same!

Fred - well ... I'll have to take the orange juice and whatever powder and mix it up to see... but hey I got to play with a ray gun. As only time will tell destiny secrets... as i am still working at zooming in... as I am not sure what big event is coming... as I hate being the last one to know things... 

another character flaw.. :harhar: I peek (even as a kid I had to peek into looking at presents and all the answers in backs of books ... well my mother was a third grade teacher and I had an A- the whole year and did not even open up a book or do any homework, as I played all the time and was smart enough not to get all the answer right so i didn't get caught by the teachers :whistling: 

Even the old testament was like that ... read the last part that the Jews did not understand the coded answer was being sent and got cursed.

5 ¶Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord:

6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

(Answers were always on the last page of coded book when I grew up end, so all you need to do was look it up... like :harhar:"cite it" ... (End of Tohah - Malachi 4:5-6) Malachi meaning is "my messenger" or "my angel" 
as john B good or else

Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby flightgown on Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:09 am

It's a heavy burden to know things before they happen. 
I no longer say anything about my premonitions because it's not anything to count on. (I'm wrong more times than right.) As much as there are bad things to come, it's also mixed in with good. At least that has been my experience so far.
I've got a heavy heart feeling about this week at my work and I'm hoping it's nothing.

Thanks for re-telling your 'twisted-I beam' experience. I've read references to it. 
Prophets don't need good spelling, they just need to know how to read the signs.

Re: Ray gun across the horizon

UNREAD_POSTby Gus Who on Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:31 am

well I see it as both a duty and a choice, as i get them all the time, and like my Jopline dream it takes it toil after, though if I warn even one person and save a life... than it might be worth some of the ... bad things I pick up on... and yeah, I hear the talk ...

:harhar: "hey look at this crazy dude" :neer: 

as I was lead down this path... :creeping: ... and do try following the light that I see.... yelling into the darkness to all the bad spirits.... I have a ray gun!... bad spirits don't like getting hit with light... and I know how it is... so I also don't want anyone seeing my character
 :harhar: raws, as I might get all bringt red :fuming:

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