Monday, January 14, 2013

The Road Home

By Gus Who on Monday Jan. 14, 2013 about 1:00am

I am been having a series of dreams of "cleaning house" like I have tons of papers everywhere ... It started almost a month ago, like...
I have to bring in a big garbage can from outside, ... but I miss the trash man
So I say - next week, I'll put out this trash... There's tons

- well I just had a dream (1:am), where my mom is saying that I have to get rid of all this... (I am a teenage kid in this dream) 
Like I should burn the Garage down :whoa: I guess she did not want to get caught.
(it was an old style detached garage in a old black and white setting idk "The Cleaver's house")

Well I pored a little gasoline in the window and threw in a match, as I saw some fire and a lot of smoke...
I thought it was going and took off. Did not want to get caught either. Some of it burnt, but it went out when I came back.
So again I am told.. "To do the job" ... burn the garage as I set a fire again, and take walking I see a FBI agent pull up... I guess he puts out the fire, as I take off running, as I know he is going to be after me.

IRL - my mother had a colorful past, and had tons of slides and letters - scrapes stored in an old cubby hole in my up stairs bedroom - we always thought it was junk... (She worked for the Red Cross, because she wanted to see action when she joined the army in WWII, (discharged as private first class April 1945) and was one of the first women in Japan as a director for the Red Cross... had some teletype tales- she flew over right before Christmas with 2 other girls from Florida (Mary and Eve) all the soldiers had been fighting for years, and a couple gals from back home show up.. Well- there royalty as ...
They had "TELETYPE" 
1945 - - the first, first hand sight and feeling about war - - real war - - the lived in and through kind - - Pier 6 -- ' 'twas no pier at all - - a skeleton of hulls and masts of war torn steeds in the heat, dirt, destruction and deprivation that was Manila.

- - - the typhoon, tossed mud that as Okinawa and the first Marine Divisions crosses row and row. ...

- - a group of lonely guys in a bare, bitterly cold barracks in Kanoye - - tough guys begging for news of home as they awaited the approach of December 25th - - tears coursing unashamedly down battle bruised faces as the sweet clear notes of the untarnished voice of a gal from home obligingly sang one request after another and ending with a White Xmas - - no prima-donna ever had the thunderous heartfelt applause that Mary did as that group swallowed and smiled their thanks...
... "The pilot circled twice over Hiroshima for us to see the devastation that have been wranght there 
By one bomb - Complete Devastation! – Seems incredible" dated 12/26/45 page 6 address to parents

Image Yeap, I'll make a bond fire - so we can all sing "Kumbaya"

The Road Home   by Gus Who Mon. Jan 14, 2013  6:54am

Must be a continuum of my last dream, as all I can remember of this is feeling like I was still on the run from the Government agents.... running farther away ... another country (s)? time zone? (not sure)

I don't see myself or others, but only see the path and get glimpses at places

... I find myself on the outskirts of society on a dirt road going into the areas that only single footpaths take a person... as I am getting glimpes of people that I am talking with ... sometime small groups apear in the glimpes...  small villages ... dream skips

... as i look down to these foot path and talk to more people... I notice the ground changes to crushed rock (Bedrock - white looking with some blue tint ) ... no more dirt.. as the gravel path got a little wider ... until it turned into a gravel road... dream skips

... This road all of a sudden is Black, (size 2 cars highway) ... like some road crew jusamajor highway out in the middle of whereever ... (Farmland)

My view is now looking in the middle of this black road, and all of a sudden at my feet (I don't notice my feet) see a Yellow strip, then another one, and another ... being painted on this highway...

Like I was in the middle of building this ROAD ... I yelll out...(wake up) DAD!

I look at the clock ... 6:54 (Home house #)

As I write this out, I am listing to music... random songs ... Man in the Mirror - - Album BAd

Background - my dad was a civil engineer for the state, and built bridges, tunnels and ROADS! This make it up in my top dreams caogory, and I have a lot of great dreams.  

Next song playing - Bohemian Rhapsody - -  Album - A Night at the Opera

So.... the last song that popped up is something I had not heard before ... My Thankgiving - - Album Inside Job

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