Saturday, January 19, 2013

Iraqi civil war

In 2005, I believe I had this dream (as I recall it was about 3 or 4 months prior to news reports of a possible civil war breaking out) 

    I dreamt that I saw an American tank with looked to be Iraqi soldiers going over the desert ground .... The tank had a turret, but it was brown .

           ...................Image ...............

The tank got to the top of a hill in the sand and just stopped. I then saw the Iraqi soldiers under this tank range get into a battle and start losing ... I saw them repeatedly  ask for help from the tank, but the tank would not help them fight, as I saw the other side just come up and murder the Iraqis that where under the tank ... Like them pinned them against the tank. 

In the dream I was getting so pissed off at the tank, as I could tell it was just "Slaughtering people" ... I could not believe what I was seeing, and was made at this "US tank" ...

I woke up thinking it was just a battle that I watched, but as things played out, and I read blogs, stories and news... I knew it was about the "Civil War" in Iraq. I also blog about the dream back in the day and some of the things I read,  watched, and  listen too  as thousands of people were dying in this war, did not sit well... it was not until 2012, did I understood what happen from a news articles, and realized that the US government was at fault in my opinion, as I sued (In 2012) the Gov. to bring such fault up and try to hold the government accountable to a reasonable degree of integrity in such war(s).  (Though that's another battle) 


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